The Top 5 High Estrogen Foods to Avoid | Dr. Josh Axe

Hey, guys. Dr. Axe here. In this video, I’m
going to talk about high estrogen foods you must avoid and also estrogen-rich foods that
can destroy your health and really cause major hormonal issues. There are a lot of things that people are
eating today that are disrupting their hormones, causing estrogen to be high, causing progesterone
to be low. Some of the side effects are, for men, having
more feminine characteristics, and for women, increased issues like hypothyroidism, autoimmune
disease, chronic fatigue, and even ovarian cancer are some side effects of consuming
too many estrogen-rich foods. I’m going to talk about the five estrogen-based
foods and products you absolutely want to avoid, and then talk about a food here at
the very end that you’ll want to add into your diet to help your body detox the excess
estrogen. So the first food that you want to avoid that
contains way too much estrogen, or what are called xenoestrogens, is soy. We know soy
products today, especially processed soy, most of it is genetically modified. And consuming
soy, again, a very high estrogen-based food. Whether it be soy milk, soy protein powder,
or just regular soy beans, this is something you want to avoid. Now, soy started being consumed in large amounts
years ago because it was so popular in Okinawa, Japan, but they consumed a different type
of soy. It wasn’t the genetically modified soy that we consume today. It was a type of
soy called natto, which is fermented soy beans. So it was loaded with probiotics, vitamin
K2. It didn’t have the same estrogen effects. The reason why these estrogen foods are an
issue is because they’re called xenoestrogens. They increase estrogen in your body, or they
act like estrogen, which again increases your risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer
in women. And for men, major testosterone issues, impotence and other health issues.
So again, soy: number one estrogen-rich food you’ve got to stay away from. Number two food is too much sugar. Too many
sugars and carbohydrates can increase estrogen in your body and lower progesterone. So eliminate
the processed sugar. Get rid of grains in large amounts. If you’re consuming large grains,
switch over to doing more fruits, vegetables. Or if you need to do grains, sprouted grains
are a better option. But really balancing out those ratios, lowering your carb intake.
Increasing your intake of healthy fats will also help naturally balance out and decrease
excess estrogen in your body. Now, maybe the biggest offender of excess
estrogen in your diet is consuming conventional meat and dairy products. In fact, I read a
study recently out of Spain, and they found that your average milk today contains 20 different
chemicals and medications, including growth hormones like RBGH, as well as estradiol and
other hormone-based medications. So again, think about this. You go, your regular
grocery store, pick up a gallon of milk. That milk contains over 20 different medications
and chemicals, which is going to increase your estrogen. This is why in my family practice
in Nashville, I had young girls coming in, hitting their menstrual cycle closer to 9
and 10 years old, rather than 13 and 14, because of all of these extra hormones and steroids
in the milk supply, and the same goes for the meat you eat. If you are shopping on a budget, and you don’t
have a lot of extra money to spend, if you’re going to invest in your health anywhere, make
sure it’s on your meat. So doing grass-fed organic meat and raw organic dairy products,
because if you’re doing those and they’re not organic, we know they’ve got steroids
and estrogen in them. That’s going to increase your risk of all the things we talked about,
from cancer to autoimmune disease to other neurological issues. Then last but not least, again, we talked
about getting rid of soy, getting rid of sugar, getting rid of the conventional meat and dairy.
Then the last one here is a product, but stop drinking out of or eating a lot of things
out of plastic containers that contain BPA. BPA stands for bisphenol-A. It’s a compound
in plastics that’s known as an estrogen-mimicker or a phyto or a xenoestrogen. So staying away from the plastic bottles,
especially when they’re heated. If you leave a plastic bottle of water out in the sun,
actually by about 90 to 100 times of those plastics will leach into the water. When you’re
drinking those, those will get into your system, causing these hormonal-based problems. Another thing along with plastic are teflon
pans. In fact, when you heat up teflon pans, that heat actually increases what are called
PFLAs, which are also estrogen mimickers, by 400 times. So again, heating teflon pans,
doing things out of plastic bottles, another big no-no in things you absolutely want to
avoid if you want to decrease estrogen. Here’s my last tip. Obviously, we want to
get rid of those foods and products. If you want to start detoxing your body of estrogen,
there is a substance found in cruciferous vegetables called indole-3-carbinol. It starts
out as a form of sulfur in your body. Sulfur has powerful . . . or sulfurane has powerful
detoxification properties. So if you can eliminate those foods and start
consuming more cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts,
kale, collard greens, these cruciferous vegetables will absolutely help your body detox with
indole-3-carbinole, as well as a few other things you may consider for detox. There’s supplementing with milk thistle and
dandelion, two other great things. So cruciferous vegetables, milk thistle are great to support
your body, detoxifying from excess estrogen. Hey, guys. Get those estrogen-rich foods out
of your diet. Hey, this has been Dr. Axe.


  1. Keep up the exceptional work. Your insights and nutritional guidance is exceptional. I look forward to supporting you further as our country gravitates within a more organic way of living. Thanks for the positive impact you're having Dr. Axe.

  2. Grow your own food or get food from a market farmer who is willing to be transparent enough to allow you to visit their farm to see how the food is grown. I'm a market farmer and I grow organic chicken, eggs and produce. I build trust with my customers by being transparent. I buy other meat and food for my own use from other growers I know. I can and store enough food to get me to the next growing season. It's a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

  3. Dr. Axe, just found your article.., do you have any suggestions for non stick cookware other than Teflon which is safe to use for cooking?

  4. So if a menopausal woman is using evorel conti hrt patches does that mrs we would doubly overdose on estrogen. ?

  5. this doctor is veryy handsome n young n l understand what he explains easily 😄cos his explanations are smart n logic

  6. What's a good alternative for a frying pan? Most pans have none stick properties. Is that what the issue with Teflon is?

  7. Thank you for the video, dr Axe. Very instructive and helpful. I read also that grapefruits (and also oats, I heard) can cause effeminate effects in men; is that right? Could you comment on that?

  8. 1) Soy (any form) except non GMO Natto 2) Sugar/Carbs/Grains (sprouted okay) 3) Conventional meat & Dairy (growth & other hormones, medications) Raw of Organic meat and Dairy instead 4) Avoid Plastic food/drink containers, esp if heated (x100 particles) and Teflon cookware. 5) Detox Estrogen: Cruciferous vegetables. Milk Thistle. Dandelion.

  9. And if you plan to begin a vegan diet? Of course soy isn't the only source but a lot of vegan food contains soy…

  10. Hay que tener dinero para comer orgánico todo, y así como está la situación… Imposible! Lindos consejos, pero la realidad es otra.

  11. 1. Soya
    2. Sugar
    3. Meat n
    4. dairy products that hav chemicals
    5. Products in plastics like bottles, Teflon pans

    Eat broccoli cauliflower kale cabbage 😋 milk thistle n dandelion

  12. I'm glad he says that fermented soya bean is good since we in Asia including Japan have been consuming fermented soya bean since looong ago. It's a very healthy food which can prevent cancer.

  13. Organic dairy also contains estrógens produced by the cow. It’s in the milk and you cannot get rid of them. Soy contains phytoestrogens not xenoestrogens. Phytoestrogens don’t have the same effect and don’t behave like estradiol in the bodies. They bind to estrógens receptors in the body thus preventing binding of estradiol which in excess amounts can increase risk of cancers of the reproductive system so soy in fact could reduce the risk of these types of cancers. It’s better though to consume fermented soy as the non fermented type can interfere with absorption of nutrients, etc. Also, most soy products contain GMO soy so in order to avoid that it must be organic.

  14. way over board all I wanted to know what are the estrogen based foods, i dontneed to buy organic or grass fed beef that's 13.99 a pound i have allergy issues

  15. 1. soy
    2. sugar
    3 & 4. conventional meat & Dairy (contains hormones & medications)
    5. BPA – stay away from plastic bottles (especially if heated in a hot car) and teflon pans

  16. Hi Doc. New subscriber here… thanks for sharing all these informations… but i think I'm not gonna avoid these soy and dairy products haha coz I'm trying to transition from male to female 😉…

  17. Which source of water would you then recommend to get water intake from, if the plastic from bottled water emits oestrogen? Surely not tap (as we say here in the UK) or, as you call it, faucet water?

  18. I'm from the UK and this is why I don't want anything to do with a trade deal with America, your farming practices are shocking, growth hormones and chlorine chicken and GM foods.

  19. Hello Dr. I had my second ovary removed because of huge cysts now I’m going through early menopause, I’m 46. I’m thinking of taking HTR for my health and symptoms like very tired and sadness

  20. obviously you didn't graduate from a german university…. latino doctors its where they go to study and they are the best…

  21. The "Dr's" comments about soy in Okinawa and Japan are definitely wrong. Soy is widely consumed in Japan as tofu, miso, edamame (soy beans in pods), soy sauce, and not just natto (fermented beans). But Japan has one of if not the world's biggest life expectancies! The CIA Factbook says only Monaco has a higher average lifespan. Soy in moderation is fine for good health, and East Asian countries like Japan and China have safely consumed it for hundreds of not thousands of years. Thumbs down on this dubious internet so-called doctor.

  22. Soy has phytoestrogen (isoflavoes) which are not same same the human estrogen. The phytoestrogen binds with estrogen receptor this blocking keeping the human produced estrogen from binding and thus reducing the breast cancer. There has been a lot of meta analysis which shows that phytoestrogen helps the woman to keep the Breast cancer at bay.

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