The Symptoms of General Anxiety and Panic Disorder

This is Joseph. His mind is constantly racing and it’s racing
with negative thoughts. He worries about everything – from saying
the wrong thing to a friend, to wondering if he will lose his cellphone, to questioning
if he is eating healthy enough. He also thinks about the bigger problems,
like if his daughter is safe at school, or how to make sure she has a good future. These may seem like typical worries that everyone
has, but for Joseph they consume his life and he is living in constant anxiety and fear. Caroline also worries quite frequently. She is in a high-stress job that demands a
lot of her time. She is also a parent. The worry and stress are natural, but sometimes
she becomes overwhelmed and breaks down, becoming ill for a short period of time. Joseph and Caroline both decide it is high
time to go and see a doctor. They want to better understand and help to
put an end to these unwanted feelings. The doctor tells Joseph he has been diagnosed
with General Anxiety Disorder, also known as G.A.D. While Caroline was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. Before the diagnosis, they never knew the
difference between the two. G.A.D and Panic Disorder are both Anxiety
Disorders with unique differences. G.A.D is a mental condition that is characterized
by excessive and uncontrollable worry about everyday life events and the future. Panic Disorder is characterized by panic attacks
that can occur for seemingly no reason at all. They both can also happen during or directly
after a traumatic event. There is not one single cause for GAD. It is believed to be caused by a complex interaction
of genetics, brain chemistry, personality factors and the environment in which the afflicted were raised. Traumatic experiences and stressful life events
can also trigger a person to develop GAD. The symptoms for G.A.D are as follows: Constant
high levels of worry about everyday things, or things that do not normally warrant anxiety. Inability to let go of your worries even if
you know they are irrational or unrealistic. Feeling restless, irritable or on edge. Problems concentrating. Problems with sleep – either difficulty getting
enough sleep or sleeping too much. Being easily frightened or startled. People with GAD may also experience the following
physical symptoms: High levels of tension in your muscles. Regular headaches and nausea. Low levels of energy or constant fatigue. Increased sweating, trembling or heart rate. Panic Disorder is defined as having recurring
and regular panic attacks, often without any apparent cause. Panic attacks bring about a sudden rush of
intense fear and panic, whereas General Anxiety Disorder is a slowly increasing and constant feeling of apprehension and unease about both the present and the future. Signs of a panic attack are: Intense feelings
of panic and stress. Trembling and shaking. Sweating. Increased heart rate. Difficulty breathing. Numbness or tingling in hands and feet. Feeling dizzy or light-headed. Chest pain. Feeling unreal or detached from yourself. Due to the terrifying nature of a panic attack
and the feelings of pain in the chest area, many people experiencing them for the first
time think that they are having a heart attack, or that their life is in danger. An attack can last from a few minutes to an
hour, and after it’s over, some people recover quickly and never experience another. Others may start to have them more regularly
and the experience can be so frightening that they constantly worry about when the next
one will occur. The symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder and
Panic Disorder can successfully be reduced or controlled using medication. For GAD, therapy and counselling can be helpful
in becoming aware when your worries are unrealistic or exaggerated, along with instilling positive
thoughts instead of negative ones. For Panic Disorder, medication and therapy
can help manage symptoms so that you can calm yourself down when you feel an attack is coming on. Anxiety disorders can affect anyone, no matter
how strong or successful. Getting treatment for anxiety does not mean
admitting weakness, but means choosing to live life on your own terms, without letting
those worries hold you back. If you know someone who struggles with anxiety,
telling them to “stop worrying” or to or to “get over it” will not help. Often times, they know that they are overreacting
and behaving irrationally. However, the fear, panic, and feelings of
anxiety are still very real. Don’t judge, and let them know you are there to support them without adding any additional pressure. Simply spending time with them and showing
that you value them despite their anxiety will have a bigger effect than you can imagine. This video is supported by BetterHelp which
is a website where you can talk to one of over 2000 licensed therapist right away. If you use the link in the description you
will get a 7 day free trial and you will really help us make more videos for people who are facing difficult life challenges. Thank you for watching.


  1. Omg my heart is literally beating so fast right now from seeing this video. This days I have all I these symptoms and now I’m realizing that I might have anxiety. I never took anxiety seriously because of all the jokes and memes about it on the internet. Anyways , what should I do? Go to the doctor? Tell my parents? But they won’t take me seriously…

  2. I was normal at one point I had my first anxiety/ panic attack it’s miserable I hate anxiety I get panic attacks almost every day😞

  3. How to know if u do not have anxiety is if u are doing anything social like theater or anything like that then there is a really good chance u don’t have anxiety.Real people with anxiety can’t to anything like that like my little sis who is only eight she throws up her heart rate goes crazy and PLEASEEEE DO NOT REPLACE THE WORD ANXIETY WITH NERVOUS THEY ARE DIFFERENT THINGS everybody gets nervous that’s normal but anxiety no it’s not really so don’t replace something serious with something that’s not………btw I’m twelve

  4. All this anxiety and fear are a false message from the brain . Dont take it seriously . Let your mind controle your brain just like in OCD ignore the feelings and the thoughs and ingore the fear then after weeks or months your brain willreprogame it self and back to normal and ask Allah to help you . Amen

  5. I keep trying to find out what is happening to me and I was wondering if it's anxiety. Whenever there is a public or someone who I like, I always try to act normal but I sometimes fail on doing normal tasks that mostly include moving around as I worry if I move too smoothly or too fast. Also, my head can go stiff sometimes when I'm not sure if I should be moving or not because I don't want to bring attention. I've been coping pretty well and never really looked into it. I would like to find out if this is a disease or anxiety or something so I'm asking you to help me.

  6. “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:6,7

  7. I have both feelings and i cant control it i dont know what to do thats why im here. Can Anyone please help me pray for me 🙁

  8. I started worrying when I entered grade 3 and I've had a lot of problems that include breaking down because of it, a lot of my problems occurred if I had deadlines or if I didn't understand something, the teacher always said in math that if we didn't understand something we wouldn't make it life and that made me panic, sometimes I would worry that I wouldn't get assignments done on time and it get bad grades which might lead to failing that grade, as time passes my worrying increased and I began to breakdown more easily, I have a lot of problems and right now I would say that I hate my life but I know someday I'll get better

  9. Ik this is really weird but I get scared of teenagers even though Iam 14 and when I hear wind hitting of my window I get really panicked and when planes go past my house I think it’s the end of the world and that there’s a bomb going to be dropped bc of this i have to listen to music with earphones in outside all the time, and also I have anxiety with vans and black cars I guess Iam just really stupid bc all my friends call me a pussy

  10. I just recently found out I have anxiety but when I think about my horrible time in school it all makes sense. I thought everyone went through this stuff which is why I never questioned it

  11. I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety since 2017
    I feel safe when I know that I'm not alone that suffers this mental disorder

  12. Today I went to the mall and as soon as we got to the food court I started crying. While I was eating I kept crying and crying. Hearing the noises of people made me anxious and nervous. I was get burger king with my mom and my mom turned around and told me “That girl was laughing at you because you’re wearing a sweater in summer” that made my day worse. I kept following my mom behind because I felt like I didn’t belong there. As I was crying while eating my food my mom and mom’s boyfriend kept telling me how stupid I looked it made it worse. I told them it was because I wanted to go to K-Mart not the mall but it was because I felt like I was getting stares a lot, Even by the burger king cashier he kept staring at me. I felt intimidated. I usually wear a big jacket because I feel insecure about myself. These past days I gotten more stressed. I have eye bags and wrinkly skin. Mind I’m still young not even in 20’s My hair is frizzy. I just don’t care about my life anymore. I hide myself, I don’t wanna put an effort anymore. But one day I know I will git rid of stress and anxiety. My mom wants to put me into therapy, She thinks I’m “Crazy” and it’s maybe a “Phase” I don’t know how I even get panic attack. I just hate seeing known people or just anyone in public. I always hide behind my mom because I’m too scared.

  13. I can’t enjoy anything without thinking that something bad gonna happen to me, I am even afraid to leave home because of that.. I just want my normal life back

  14. I started my panic attack when I’m 14 at it felt horrible now when I cry I start to feel I’m not breathing how can I tell my parents I have panic disorder ?

  15. There's also a common symptom in panic attack which is the thought that you maybe are becoming crazy. You feel this because there's an adernaline rush without any reason. So you think the only reason is that you are losing your mind.

  16. A person (a professional) i'm talking to said that what i've been exprerienced is an anxiety/panic attack. But i don't think my heart rate raises/beating really fast during these. So now i'm a bit confused

  17. Hello everyone, I suffered anxiety and panic attacks for many years, they started out of nowhere one day and I couldnt solve it with anything I tried, just kept panic attacks away sometimes but anxiety was lingering. I was on ssri for a while and when I quit it got worse, later I discovered I had a stomach bacteria, I started to change my diet and was on antibiotics, my anxiety switched, these days I get anxiety when my stomach goes bad, gut controls 80 percent of seratonin and controls many other hormones and signals to the brain, thats why its called a brain gut connection, Check your stomach health before you get on pills.

  18. Im not here to cry about my disorder, I'm seeking for answers.
    Does anyone know what to actually do about it to help??

  19. I got this and it sucks so bad. I am always worrying about dying, and I get I am always on edge. There is never a break from it. Consent worrying and everything, numbness and tingling. I wish this on no one. I got severe agoraphobia and I can't be relaxed enough to go to the mall or nothing.

  20. I can't stop thinking about useless things. My brain doesn't stay quiet even for a single minute. I am tired and exhausted. I can't focus on anything.
    I am always worried. I can't enjoy things.
    I feel guilty if I laugh or feel happy. It has to change.

  21. I get anxiety when my mean teacher that takes me sometimes in class but doesnt anymore because she gives me anxiety like i get really hot

  22. How to get well?
    Stop watching news, get away from negative people, avoid toxic talks, know your triggers, get better job, stop being a nice guy, accomplish little tasks, become atheist if you're religious

  23. I once experienced sleep paralysis and a panic attack while I was smoking weed and it was a trip so bad I never smoked again and am still recovering til this day. On the bright side I feel it was necessary to reset my mind and I’m feeling better than ever

  24. I have a new YouTube channel and I just made a video about what to do during a panic attack, maybe it could help you guys!

  25. i just had my first panic attack what am i gonna do? I cant tell my mom i have panic attacks im only 11

  26. Does anyone get the shakes when eating or drinking so you decide not to do this in public or when you go out you drink loads just to socialise 😞😞😞

  27. yes… i also sometimes always worry what will happen…. other than that, sometimes im shaking and sweat …. is it normal???

  28. This is all a lie i bet their is something make us sick. Don't let the doctors fool you into thinking is you. I bet they don't want to cure us because everytime we go to the doctors they get paid$$$. I'm notecing that their are too many people with this. I myself feel alot of physical symtoms the Doctor in the E.R told me he can't cure me beacuse if he does their will not be any buisness. Really WTF. But yes their are some people that are really anxious and they just think alot.

  29. Omg this video perfectly described how I feel and what I’m going thru and I’m sure others as well! Thx u so much for making this I can easily show my friends so they can have a better understanding of anxiety! 🙂

  30. i had my first BIG anxiety attack 3 nights ago at 1am & it lasted for an hr. i literally thought i was gonna die so was scared to sleep & i kept getting these waves of nervousness & fear & my body would heat up. i could barley stand up i was shaking so much. i was so scared to go to sleep that i had to take melatonin till i fell asleep😓

  31. When I was suffering marijuanas effect then this type of problems are created in my body.. Guys plz help me today I completed 4 years and I m suffering in this condition.. Plz help me guys

  32. — Think I have both, because of the symptoms, social anxiety as well… It's hard, I have it for almost a year now, my parents know about it but don't take it seriously so I don't talk to them about it, they don't really believe it's serious and they ignore talking about it. So I'm trying to deal with it alone. I know that someone can probably relate to this…and if you do, YOU'RE NOT ALONE. If anyone wants to talk, you can talk to me, always.–

  33. Is anxiety what I get when I have been in bed for too long in the morning and then I feel bored, tired, weird, and awkward which makes me feel really uncomfortable and then I get out of bed and then it’s gone?

  34. Thank you for this. I'm not autistic, I have anxiety. Thanks to some sites online I thought I was autistic when really I'm not, I have anxiety and OCD. They have similarities, but they aren't the same.

  35. My mind will not stop racing and I over think so much I feel like I ruin all my new friendships it’s so hard I’m only a sophomore in high school I had this my whole life I just want it to end

  36. Im getting crazy from panic disorder for 3 years now, Cant leave the house far away without getting all these symptomes. This year I've been on vacation to spain for 3 weeks and when i came back i felt like a super hero, i've enjoyed vacation without getting anxious at all.

  37. What happens if your left arm is constantly hurting and tightning? Or like now that it got heavy and it's back to normal? I worry that I might die from a heart attack, I'm 14

  38. I get Derealization from Anxiety, I was feeling a lot better and even forgot about ir for like 2 days and then I panicked about something and I felt it again

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