The SpongeBob SquarePants Family Tree 🌳 | SpongeBob

Today we look at the history
of SpongeBob SquarePants, let’s begin! It all starts way, way, way, way, way,
way, way back! Meet Primitive Sponge. [screaming] SpongeBob’s oldest known ancestor. Although quite similar
to SpongeBob in appearance, note the sloping forehead,
considerable overbite and fanged teeth. Primitive Sponge was not known as
the most intelligent creature in the sea, communicating in a series
of growls and grunts. [screaming] However he was noticeably strong
with quite a high tolerance for pain. [screaming] [screaming] OK, please stop doing that,
it’s clearly very painful. This was the beginning of the long line
of SquarePants ancestry. As we travel further
up the coral tree of life, many generations have passed
and we finally arrive at SpongeGar. The next evolution
in the SquarePants lineage. As you can see, SpongeGar is already
closer in appearance to SpongeBob then his primordial predecessor. SpongeGar was far more advanced
than Primitive Sponge, which was evidenced
by the development of clothes, – a language system,
– Banooga ready! tool usage, curiosity for new discoveries
and the domestication of animals. It’s interesting how much bigger
prehistoric Gary was, compared to modern day Gary,
but that’s for another episode. [screaming] [crashing] It’s also important to note
that SpongeGar, along with his oddly familiar friends,
Patar and Squog, had a monumental impact on global history
and discovered fire! [screaming] Now we travel even further up the three,
many generations later. Much, much later… You get the point… anyways,
we finally get to SpongeBuck SquarePants. Howdy do, y’all! Very similar to SpongeBob in appearance, apart from the red bowtie, striped shirt, this little chain thingy
and black bowler hat. Now SpongeBuck was something
of a western hero in his time. Saving the town of Dead Eye Gulch from Dead Eye Plankton
years and years ago. [screaming] Huh? [cheering] I hate all of you. In fact, he’s the only known
SquarePants descendant to live outside of Bikini Bottom. Meaning somewhere between SpongeGar
and SpongeBuck, the SquarePants clan migrated elsewhere. Now fast forward sometime
and we will reach the patriarch of the modern
SquarePants family, Grandpa SquarePants. Aside from his wise sayings such as… If we were meant to fly,
we’d have propellers on our heads or jet engines on our backs! Not much is known
about Grandpa SquarePants and he has not been seen for some time. We do know that he married a sponge
now known as Grandma SquarePants. – SpongeBob!
– Hi, Grandma! A loving, motherly figure
of Bikini Bottom. Known for her kisses… [kissing] – Her cookies..
– Oh, yeah! [munching] And her sweaters which are made
with love in each stitch. It’s important to note that SpongeBob
also had a maternal grandmother, Grandma BubbleBottom. Unfortunately all records have been lost
on Grandma BubbleBottom. The only thing we know is that
her child is Margaret BubbleBottom. But more on that later. Back to grandpa and grandma SquarePants. Travel up one generation
and they had children of their own! There’s Blue SquarePants,
an old retired police captain. You’re not cut out
for this kind of work, boy. Do you have any idea what
the people I catch do to people like you? You mean, they won’t give me
a push on the swing set? Well, let’s just say, I hope
you’ve practiced walking without legs. Or arms. Or a body. Sherm SquarePants, who’s claim to fame
is shoving watermelons up his nose. And SpongeBob’s father,
Harold SquarePants. A simple man who likes
to take care of his son. He married Margaret SquarePants,
maiden name BubbleBottom, after the previously mentioned,
grandma BubbleBottom. SpongeBob!
Hi, honey, we’re here! Come on, SpongeBob! Hurry, hurry, son,
your mother has dinner waiting. And that brings us to the sponge
that everyone knows and loves. SpongeBob SquarePants! But it turns out SpongeBob
is not the only SquarePants his age! No, he has plenty of cousins. There’s Stanley S. SquarePants,
son of Sherm SquarePants. Thankfully the watermelon shoving thing
was not hereditary. Although Stanley comes
with his own set of peculiarities. One being that he destroys
almost everything he touches. – Glad to meet you, partner.
– Nice to meet you– [ripping] Uh-oh. Gosh, darn it! There’s Todd SquarePants,
parents unknown. Who is very similar
to SpongeBob in appearance with a slightly quirkier style. And then there’s BlackJack SquarePants, parents also unknown
but a cousin nonetheless! Did you come here to quiver
like a jellyfish? Or did you come to wrestle? To quiver! It doesn’t stop for a second,
look back at the crazy set of events that came together in just the right way
to give us this absorbent and yellow and porous best friend we all have. We realize that back is not
the only direction we can look. That’s right,
thanks to our special time machine, we can go into the future
and take a glimpse at future generations
of the SquarePants lineage. If we take our time machine…
oh, let’s say… 75 years later. We come to realize that SpongeBob
will have a grandson! Simply known as SpongeBob’s grandson. Ssh! I just beat my high score! Oh, yeah! The kids today! Oh, man, look at those eyebrows
and that ear hair! Woah, that is gross! Er… sorry, er, excuse me, where was I? And if we take a look
even further, say… 2000 years later. SpongeBob evolves into a robot species. I am SpongeTron. Welcome to the future! Who apparently
have the ability to multiply! – Jellyfishing!
– Jellyfishing! Did somebody say jellyfishing? Hi, Patron! Woah, that’s a lot of SpongeTrons! Future! Future! Future– Thanks. Well, that’s it! Join us next time as we discover
the interesting ancestry in yet another fascinating chapter
of Nickelodeon’s history on Nick Family Tree!


  1. Which character is YOUR favorite: SpongeBob 🍍, Patrick ⭐, Sandy 🐿, Squidward πŸ¦‘, or Mr. Krabs πŸ¦€?

  2. Wait, if this is the SpongeBob SquarePants official then why don't they just designed the parents of the two cousins and then Grandma bubble bottom?

  3. Wait a second, Patrick is related to Gary in the other episode but the HUGE Gary was never mentioned in his family tree.

  4. 2:19 Grandpa Squarepants
    2:37, 3:10 Grandma Squarepants
    2:55 Grandma Bubblebottom
    3:12 Blue Squarepants
    3:37 Harold and Margaret Squarepants

    4:00 Stanley Squarepants
    4:30 Todd Squarepants
    4:37 Blackjack Squarepants

    5:10 Spongebob’s Grandson
    5:38 Spongetron

  5. The music played in 5:15 is Boomerang Europe rebranding music that is played often, where it says a Russian messages, while Tom and Jerry's faces appear from left to right

  6. Don't forget Sandy's fam or Mr. Krabs' fam or squidward's fam or plankton's fam or old man jankens fam or lary's fam or bubble bass"s fam or more

  7. What about Doodlebob?, spongebob birthed him by the use of a school supply, he should be located at the bottom of spongebob's tree branch.

  8. Wait.. if grandpa and grandma square pants were kids at a point, then were they called grandma and grandpa all their lives?

  9. i cant remember if the 1800's spongebob was the one with a statue but covered with another person, but u forgot the time spongebob had a guy look like him try to enter the club but wasnt spongebob and was real, they look alike but never said relations, spongebob "Had a baby that one time, married patrick, unmarried, and the time he had copies but the one i dont know how u forgot, but the time spongebob had a "Personality switch twin"

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