(Music) Football or basketball? Oh, that’s a hard one. I’ll tell you what, freshman year, I would
have say football, and then I started going to basketball games and getting people riled
up there is a little bit easier. You’re closer for sure. Yeah, I’d have to agree. Probably basketball. I feel like you’re a little more involved. Basketball. I’m going to say football, because of the
band. Oh, that’s true! What’s your favorite campus building? The CAC. I’m in there all day, but gotta love it. Woodburn. I gotta say Woodburn. I gotta say Colson Hall. Actually, I was named after Colson Hall, so
I definitely gotta say Colson Hall. I gotta say Woodburn, too. It’s iconic. It’s a beauty, that’s for sure. What animal would be terrifying if it could
speak? A kangaroo. If they want to box with you, like, what are
they going to say to you if they want you to square up or something? That’s true. What about your pet? Oh, all the comments it would have about you. A shark. Like imagine being swimming in the ocean and
hearing something behind you. It’s singing the Jaws theme. Yeah! It’s singing it to you? That would be terrifying. What is your most unusual talent? Oh. I can say the alphabet backwards in under
three seconds. Let’s hear it. Z-Y-X-W-V-U-T-S-R-Q-P-O-N-M-L-K-J-I-H-G-F-E-D-C-B-A. Oh my God. He did it. I don’t know why. I just memorized it backwards. I can say it faster backwards than I can forwards. Really? Yeah. I don’t know why. I can whistle and hum at the same time. Let’s see it. Well now I feel like I’m boring. I can make the noise, I can make the Chewbacca
noise. (Chewbacca noise) What’s your favorite WVU
tradition? Country Roads. Country Roads. Honestly, the Mantrip. I think it represents our values very well,
how they wave to the hospital. And the same with the piece of coal. I think that represents our history really
well. No doubt. Pregame. More specifically Simple Gifts. Standing there in the circle, very first pregame
show, I look up in the Simple Gifts circle and see myself on the big screen, and I’m
like, wow. There’s nothing that gets your blood pumping
more. What is your earliest memory of WVU? I’d say my earliest one is probably Jon
Kimble, one of the old Mountaineers, came to our middle school. I was like a Pop Warner cheerleader and I
think we got to do a little cheer on the football field and I have a picture with some of the
old Mountaineers, so I would say that’s probably my first memory. I remember, I don’t know if this is my earliest,
but I remember after the game, I’d seen Brock Burwell on the field and I knew that
he parked his car on Law School Hill, so I went to Law School Hill after the game holding
a Gatorade because I wanted to give it to him at the bottom of Law School steps. Oh, that’s awesome. That was awesome, yeah. My first football game at WVU. It was years ago and I didn’t get to come
to another one until I was a student. How many push-ups can you currently do in
a row? I’ve been practicing right now with going
nonstop, probably like 52. Yeah. I’ve been practicing, yeah, like putting
a 45-pound weight on your back and doing push-ups, trying to get that endurance up. No comment. I’m going to be practicing a lot because
this football season, we’re going to have to do a lot. I’m probably around 40 before I start to
struggle, but we’ll get there. He’s getting there. It’s not low, but it is the lowest out of
us four. Sing us the first line of Country Roads. Want to do it together? Let’s do it. One, two, three. Almost heaven, West Virginia. Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River. (Laughter) Oh, I think we’re at the last
one. Why do you want to be the Mountaineer Mascot? Who’s going first? So, I’ve grown up in West Virginia all my
life and seeing what this great state has to offer and all the great people in it, I
think being able to represent not only West Virginia University, but the state of West
Virginia. For sure. I can agree. Being an ambassador for so many great people
and the blue collar people of our great state is something that I’ve always dreamed about
and giving back to them. I’ve kept saying that I want to demonstrate
my pride and enthusiasm for the people in the state of West Virginia, so I’d have
to say that. I can definitely agree with all three things
you guys said. This place is definitely home, and I can’t
imagine a bigger honor than being able to represent that. Yeah. It is home, and it will always be home. Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s a wrap!


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