The Craziest Fantasy Suite Episodes In Bachelor History

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are all
about romantic tension, but let’s be honest — the fantasy suite episodes are when it
really all goes down. These potentially scandalous episodes are
always fan favorites, but some have stood out for being nothing short of crazy. On Season 5 of The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris
was genuinely looking for love, and by the time the fantasy suites came around, she thought
she found it with contestant Ed Swiderski. Jillian and Ed did end the season engaged,
but their fantasy suite episode was a bit of a downer. During the episode, things had gotten very
hot and heavy between Ed and Jillian, but when push came to shove, they just couldn’t
get the deed done. Jillian told the cameras of what went down
in the fantasy suite — which is to say, not much. As she put it, the two were sunburnt and exhausted
after a long day, and didn’t have much left for each other but some quiet, low-intensity
cuddling. Ed also explained the situation in his own
mortifying confessional. Vulture’s recap of the episode was decidedly
more brutal in its summary of the events, saying, “Poor Ed — he will forever be known, insofar
as he is known at all, as the guy who couldn’t get it up in the Fantasy Suite, after two
others successfully sealed the deal the nights before him.” Yikes. Talk about being caught with your pants down. It’s no secret that anyone who becomes The
Bachelor or The Bachelorette will inevitably be partaking in a lot of kissing, touching,
groping, and possibly more. But on Season 17 of The Bachelor, Sean Lowe
proved to be one of the most chaste contestants in the show’s history. In fact, Lowe remained celibate on the show,
with it later being revealed that he was a “born-again virgin.” According to Lowe’s tell-all book, For The
Right Reasons, he confessed that he had no intentions of having sex with any of his final
three contestants in the fantasy suites. Citing his born-again Christian faith, Lowe
wrote, “I’d already lived my life in a selfish, self-gratifying
way.” “I feel like you’re really distant. Like you’re not even here. You’re not even here for the right reasons.” “What do you mean?” He also suggested that he had too much respect
for his female suitors to put them in a position to sleep with him while knowing he was likely
to be romancing other women on the show shortly after. Instead, Sean said he wanted to use his time
in the fantasy suite to talk with the contestants alone and get a chance to observe how they’d
act when the cameras weren’t rolling. We can’t be sure, but Sean might have been
the first bachelor to not get it on in the fantasy suites. It’s a respectable decision — but pretty
crazy in terms of what normally goes on in there. On Season 9 of The Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock
thought she was all-in with contestant Brooks Forester. Brooks made it to the final three, and Desiree
even described that she had much deeper feelings for him than the other final two contestants. However, during the fantasy suite episodes,
Desiree got the shock of a lifetime when Brooks did something no one saw coming. Well, sort of. Though a source had told Us Weekly that Desiree’s
fantasy suites were hot and heavy, that wasn’t the case with Brooks. Instead, before the two even went to their
fantasy suite, Brooks dumped Desiree, leaving her in tears and fans everywhere totally shocked. Desiree and Brooks didn’t even get to see
what might happen in the fantasy suite before he dumped her and the drama escalated. However, in an interview with TV Guide, host
Chris Harrison said that he wasn’t shocked by Brooks’ actions. According to him, there were plenty of warning
signs before the big breakup. “It was one of those old cases where you just
believe what you want to believe and see what you want to see and she was just blinded by
how she felt about the guy.” Talk about a crazy, unexpected turn of events
for Desiree, who maybe should have paid attention to those warning signs. There have definitely been more than a few
Bachelor Nation contestants who have been widely disliked by viewers and fellow contestants
alike. The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo Galavis fell firmly
into this category. Of his season’s final three, Andi Dorfman
stood her ground after their fantasy suite date, and things got heated. In a confessional during the episode, Andi
explained that she felt miserable after spending the night with Juan Pablo. She said,
“The fantasy suite turned into a nightmare. I saw a side to him that I didn’t really like,
and the whole night was just a disaster. […] I hope he did not think that went well. I really hope he did not think that that was
a good date.” Andi didn’t mince her words when she spoke
directly to Juan Pablo, and in a later interview with Cosmopolitan, she made it clear that
she had zero regrets. Explaining her decision to leave, she said, “I have a feminist in me, and to be in a situation
where there are 30 girls dating one man, there’s already this inequality. Just because there are lots of girls and one
guy, that doesn’t mean that the guy gets a free pass in how he treats her. I just wasn’t going to have it.” It was a seriously crazy episode and one in
which the fantasy suite wasn’t all that sweet. Being on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette
definitely puts contestants in awkward situations. In fact, the general concept — dating multiple
people at the same time, while you all live together in a giant mansion with no contact
with the outside world — is pretty messy from the start! But, it’s also a pretty standard for the Bachelors
and Bachelorettes to not say the L-word too soon, or to too many people. Somehow, that wasn’t the case when Ben Higgins
was the Bachelor, and he said “I love you” to both Jojo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell
on their fantasy suite dates, which seriously complicated things. As Ben wrote in a blog for People at the time, “And so here I am. With two incredible women. Both of whom I am madly in love with. And I have no idea what to do about it.” Even though Ben and Lauren got engaged and
later split, the two were happy for quite some time. Still, Lauren told People that watching her
fiancé tell another woman he loved her was hurtful. She said, “I always try to be really strong because
I wanted to move forward from it. But because I wanted to move forward from
it, I don’t think I ever really opened up about how hard that was.” Well, it was definitely crazy and messy, and
telling two women that he loved them probably wasn’t the best move on Ben’s part. While not everyone gets it on in the fantasy
suites on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, it’s usually pretty easy to tell who did and
who didn’t. On Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, contestant
Raven Gates got real about how she’d never been fully satisfied from a sexual encounter,
if you know what we’re saying. So, when the cameras showed Raven’s face after
her fantasy suite date with Nick, and she was positively glowing, it was obvious that
something great had gone down. Speaking to the cameras after the date, Raven
coyly said, “Nick is really good at what he does, so I’m
pretty satisfied today.” And her grin said it all. Later on, in an interview with People, Raven
explained that she didn’t feel the need to further expand on what happened behind closed
doors. In her opinion, the story was all there on
screen. “Well, the thing about the show is they really
capture those exciting moments and they make everything pretty true to what is happening. So I think I don’t really have to say too
much. I think the show pretty much captured it.” Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher definitely ended
up happy after her season, but it wasn’t all rainbows and rose petals. During her fantasy suite episodes, she had
a great time with Jordan Rodgers, and the two definitely hooked up. Jordan told the cameras after his night with
Jojo, “Waking up this morning, I rolled over and
I just had a smile on my face. I felt like everything was right. We took a big step last night, in a really
exciting direction.” But after her date with Jordan, Jojo’s fantasy
suite date with Chase McNary was just a huge disappointment. While the two were together, Chase seemed
thrilled and happy, but it was clear Jojo wasn’t feeling it. So, when she ended things between them, Chase
didn’t take it too well. Though Chase definitely exited the show on
a sour note, he later revealed to People that he had come to terms with Jojo’s decision. He explained, “I have a better understanding of the position
JoJo is in and why she’s made the decisions she’s made. There are no hard feelings.” Hey, at least Chase was able to move on! Jojo certainly was. There are a few moments on The Bachelor or
The Bachelorette when a contestant says something that instantly becomes iconic or meme-worthy. On Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette,
that happened when she appeared on the “After the Final Rose” special and explained that
her fantasy suite date with Peter Weber was even hotter and heavier than anyone had imagined. Brown told the live audience, “I was a little dishonest about something. Since it’s out there, and I did say there
was something that Peter and I did twice … it was actually four times!” Yes, Hannah and Peter apparently did the deed
four times on their fantasy suite date that took place in a literal windmill. Obviously, the moment became iconic, and when
Peter went on to become the next Bachelor, one of the women he met the first night even
dressed up as a windmill. When Colton Underwood stepped up to be the
Bachelor, there was one subject that just wouldn’t die: his virginity. Seriously, the topic of Colton’s virginity
plagued practically every single interview, conversation, and even promotion for his season
of The Bachelor. In an interview with People, Colton explained
that he doesn’t feel strange being a virgin. He said, “Being a virgin doesn’t mean you can’t have
a good time. It doesn’t mean you can’t be passionate and
romantic and sexual still in your relationship.” However, all that changed when Colton finally
got to spend the night with his true love, Cassie Randolph, after sending home both other
contestants. He said on the show, “I couldn’t be more excited to spend tonight
with Cassie and I am excited to see where our relationship can go. I’ve always said that I’m waiting for the
right heart, I’m waiting to be in love with somebody and I’m waiting for the right person. And I’m very hopeful that that person is Cassie.” Rachel Lindsay made history as the first black
Bachelorette. She may also have been the first Bachelorette
to do what she did during a fantasy suite date, and it’s all because the outside world
managed to sneak its way into her season. During her Fantasy Suite date with Nick Viall,
nothing actually happened, all because of Donald Trump. During an interview with the Bachelor Party
podcast, Rachel explained that the night before her date, she found out Trump had won the
election. she said she had thought at the time, “Oh great. It’s going to be Trump.” “It was so bad. I had my date the next day. I couldn’t get in the right headspace. I drank a lot. I passed out in the Fantasy Suite.” The one bright side? Lindsay says she slept pretty well that night. Unfortunately, her fantasy suite date with
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  1. Sean is the best, most handsome bachelor and a real gentleman ! He is a serious Christian, he honored God with his decisions!

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