The Color Of The Dress According To Science

– This is very obviously white and gold. – It’s blue. It’s obviously blue. – I cannot see blue
anywhere in that dress. I don’t even know how you could see blue. – It’s all coming at
me fast too, trust me. – It’s a fact that you’re smarter if you see it in black and blue. – You are seeing white and gold? Where you looking at? I do’t get it. – Oh, it changed to white and gold! – Wait, no, you’re kidding. – [Voiceover] This lace bodycon dress has divided the world and
threatened to break the internet. Millions have weighed in on
what color they see the dress, with around 70% seeing white and gold, and the rest seeing black and blue. And yes, the dress is black and blue. But how is it possible
we’re all seeing it in two completely different ways? Are people lying? Have we gone mad? We decided to talk with someone who looks at color all day. – When I look at the real dress of course it’s black and blue. But the picture that’s been circulating is not A, has the same contrast, and that tells me that there was some kind of a light that
was hitting the dress. And that light quality
is a very warm light. What we are really looking at is the light that’s reflecting off of the blacks and the blues. This is the kind of thing that we constantly deal with in color. – [Voiceover] OK, so it is
about the color of the light, but how do different minds
interpret the light differently? We still weren’t satisfied. So we decided to venture out to UCLA’s neuroscience department. – I think it’s much
more likely perception, which is actually to do with the brain. Our brain is really good
at filling in information that’s not actually there. And so the brain is basing what it sees on its own interpretation of the image. OK, and if your brain thinks, I guess, that this dress should be white and gold based on its interpretation
of the picture itself, the lighting, the conditions
that the picture’s being viewed in, it’s gonna build that
image as white and gold. It goes back to the
optical illusion issue. You expect the square that
looks lighter to be lighter because it’s in the pattern
where it should be lighter. You can cut the squares out
and put them next to each other and show you that they are
in fact the same color. But in context, your
brain is taking that image and it’s making sense of it. Everybody’s realty is different. Understanding that what you see is not necessarily what
your neighbor sees, I think this is a really
good example of that. And so I guess the Latin phrase is de gustibus non est disputandum, there’s no accounting for taste. Well in this case there’s
no accounting for color.


  1. If I look at it normally then I see white and gold but if I look at it with my eyes squinted it's black, and blue does anyone on else see this to or is it just me ???

  2. Am I the only one who sees blue and gold? I'm so confused

    Okay I'm seeing other people i n the comments who see blue and gold, can someone tell me the reason for this?¿?¿?¿??

  3. i can't understand why my parents and may other people say it white and gold, even i try to think about gold and white and watch the video to make me see gold and white but i just see black and blue all the time

  4. What the brain does according to your answer:
    Black and blue: it recognizes the light falling on the dress and recalibrates to a darker tone. Showing you the correct dress.
    Gold and white: it thinks the light is the original and recalibrates thinking it sin the dark. Therefor showing a lighter dress than is.
    Black and gold: your brain does jackshit on calculations it just shows you an image, it doesnt calibrate according to light sourse or nothing it just shows and you percieve than answer.
    For anyone with any other color scheme: your brain is fucked.

    If you spend more time looking at reality and less tine looking at a screen, your brain will learn to adept to these situations easier, your brain knkw more than you but you still need to feed it info. Keep your braind fed. Keep looking around.

  5. If you don't see black and blue, your eyes dont work well in dim lighting. That's it.
    I used to see black and blue but recently I started seeing white and gold (technically blue and gold, its normal) and looked into it.

  6. I saw wrong white balance of photo, that's why it is black and blue. No secret or illusion here.

    Ppl could incorrectly tell color with any photo that have bad white balance.

  7. In reference to the chessboard illusion towards the end of this video, the fact that my human brain uses visual clues (the shadow in this case) to tweak my perceptions has nothing to do with "people seeing the same thing in different ways." I believe that everyone's brain works the same way in this regard, so this would be a case of people seeing the same thing the same way.

  8. I think the use of lighting as an excuse to see color that doesn't exist is an utter garbage excuse for "science". The images used to show it as blue don't even look exactly like the dress, they are similar but not perfect matches. and the pic in question looks like the dress is outside not inside where unnatural lighting would be so the sun hitting the dress is gonna make black look gold? and white look blue? then why do ever see white cars in sunlight and still call them white? or white cars in a garage? they still look white. if you want white to look blue you need a blacklight. i have never seen light of any kind reflect off of something black and make it look gold. This is like Flat Earthers, make up excuses that "prove" their claims yet the proof isn't even validated.

  9. i remember one time i woke up and my eyes were still adjusting to the light you know and i looked ya this and it did look white and gold but i kept blinking and it became blue and black

  10. 80% comments say they see blue and gold 12% say they see back and blue and 8% say they see gold and white. Also, i see black and blue and could never see it as something else.

  11. So, people that see gold and white think that the dress is under a shadow, and people that see blue and black think that the dress is under direct light?

  12. What color do you see?
    Like fore white and gold
    Dislike for black and blue

    I see white and gold so ima like my own comment cus im sad

  13. This is actually not true.. there are 4 more colour options clearly visible in the video. Black and white, pink and brown/black. He didn't even show them. It might have been one of those combinations that made the black look like gold. The blue and black contrast is nowhere near as high as the image circulating.

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