1. I would imagine that life on the road could get difficult. I hope they will take enough down time to take care of themselves and never be taken advantage of by greedy managers. A lot of them are only out there for the money. I hope they’ll have managers who truly care about their wellbeing. Whatever you guys do, don’t EVER let anyone convince you to try ANY drugs. People can get hooked the very first time they try drugs.Many artists have destroyed their lives trying to keep up with schedules that don’t allow enough rest and, or down time. Please take care & God bless.

  2. Every once in a while there is surge of a good music that will last forever and have impact. Roses was breakthrough song in 2015, it was fresh, and never heard before arrangement. after decade of bad repetitive bubble gum hits dance music, only Lady Gaga did it with Poker face before.

  3. Wow, this is so rushed and so commercial. Why not just really sit down with these inspiring guys? Take the time, not finish off a list and also: REALLY let Drew open up about depression rather than mention it and let him answer with a plain respons and then rushing to the next catchy thing.

  4. God I miss the good old days of 2016/ mid 2017 when the Chainsmokers ruled the top 40. Hopefully they can make a comeback.

  5. Wait. Wait. Wait…… So did everyone forget that Alex was the cheating guy who never apologized publicly to his then gf making her look dumb. People are just amazing supporting this type of behavior….. moral compass…… oh maybe don't cheat and you wouldn't be depressed. Period.

  6. Persona : nothing special
    Music ideology : none
    Musical artistry : Absolutely cliche, mediocre and generic.
    Creativity : 0

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