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♪♪ Okay.
Today, we are shooting in a waiting room
of a medical center. We’ve taken over
the whole place. I hired receptionists
to answer phones and help the people
that walk in. I’m gonna be the person
that walks in. Here we go. Okay, Sam, I have you
right in front of me. It says 4:30. Yes, sir. Hi. Michael: Hello. How are you? Good. How are you? I’m doing well. I don’t have
an appointment. I’m just, uh, here to leave
some samples for Dr. Conners. Okay.
And… May I have your name? Yes, um, it’s Jerry. Jerkins.
J-E-R-K-I-N-S. That one, I can spell. Yes.
That’s an easy one. And, um, I, uh —
Oh, yeah. Uh… Well, maybe —
Can I borrow a spoon? You — Yeah. Whatever you need to do. ♪♪ I got the total face
rejuvenation. You look great. Thanks. Why? What’s it
look like before? [ Scoffs ]
[ Chuckles ] That is — That is another
story, let me tell you. But it works.
It works good. I’m having just — If you want to let him know that the left
is going fine. Okay, let me — I have to write this down. Okay, so left — Left is going okay. And the, uh — the right’s
just getting, like, right — Left is okay.
Right is what? Does it —
Like, does it look a little pinkish
right there? Okay. ‘Cause the air
gets in there. But you know what? The — He —
I’m gonna leave it, ’cause he said
to leave one. So, I’m gonna leave
one of them in there. But the — the other one’s
acting, like, totally fine. Okay? I have some, uh,
saline for that. Yeah, other than that,
you know? Okay. That should be good, right? All righty. Swish it around, and then that
should be pretty good. The only other thing —
And if you talk to him, just tell him the seam
on the nose, if you — All right, so,
I’ve got left — left is okay, right eye
is a little pinkish. And seam on the nose
is what? It’s just — I think it looks visible. Do you see it?
Like, this, on… It’s just — I could just say visible seam. Like, when I
pull like this, it’s like I can get this part to come off, and I want the right —
I want that to stay — When that goes on, it stays legit, right? Okay. [ Sneezes ] Even when you sneeze. How it looks
a little over. It looks
a little over, right? Yeah, now you’ve got it
kind of like this. Yeah. That’s what I’m saying. Hold on. Okay. Is that better? Bit more straight? It looked better before. Did it? Yes. Now you can tell. Now, I — Your nose is, like — Okay, well, then tell him that, too. Okay. Nose seam
and the nose… I’ll leave you with this just ’cause I’m gonna
be back later. So, I — You know,
that’ll be… Oh, my God. [ Muffled ] It’s okay. [ Mumbling indistinctly ] [ Muffled ] ‘Cause this little bottom part is flipping when I’m trying to talk and eat. Okay. Okay, so, wait a minute. Now, you put that in there.
Now, what are you gonna — [ Muffled ] I can put it
in with the eye. It’s fine. You can? Okay. Yeah. Because they’re both
saline based. Okay. I have — Because all
the facial rejuvenation parts are saline based. Okay. So, everything
keeps clean with the same kind
of ordinary eye stuff. That’s why
it’s so good. So, what are you —
What are you gonna do now for the — till you
get the stuff back? Well… Yeah, that’s the thing. That becomes difficult. I’m gonna back tonight. He said
I can come tonight. Okay. All right. So, yeah. Okay. That’s good.
You know what? Yeah. If he knows
I’m here, maybe — Mr. Jerkins. Oh, hey. Dr. Conners was just talking about you. We’ll see you
right now. Oh, great.
Okay. Thank you. Oh, wait. No.
Leave those — You can leave
that in the bin. All right. And then I’ll —
If you — I’ll see Dr. Conners. And also, if you get
the orthopedic surgeon, I’m gonna leave this
for him, okay? ’cause it doesn’t
look right. And let him know
what happened. Okay? Your nose looks a little crooked. -That’s what she was saying.
-Yeah. Exam room 4. ♪♪ ♪♪


  1. Listen from the beginning to 0:09 and you get a totally different picture of what's going to happen . . .

  2. The sad part is, not only you took over the whole office but you hired receptionist just for this small one day skit, It was funny Funny) but sadly enough the people that were hired will realize it was a one day job and they have to go home and find another job tomorrow! LOL,

  3. Couldn't he have just used the normal staff? And tricked them? Or am I missing something? Haha. Funny af tho.

  4. I would like to see the reaction. of the person you doing this to..That's my favorite part but most of the one's l watch you never show that …

  5. Michael carbonaro's is no magician 75% of his magic is stop motion surrounded by actors it's all a scam watch close hell even the laws of physics don't apply to him

  6. Hahaha I can't stop laughing after watching this I discovered that my malaria has gone too funny

  7. OMG she handled it so well! I would've shot him in the face and splattered his brains all over the wall. Then I'd bathe in his blood ! Right? Jeez

  8. Michael Carbonaro You an Excellent great magician and very funny too Love Your Show 'Catbonaro Effect" 😃♥️

  9. This episode is one of my favorite "Carbonaro Effect" episodes was hilariously funny 😂😂😂

  10. I've always have my ideas of how he does most of the tricks…but that nose detach leaving a black hole.
    Blew mi mind.

  11. If we had 50 Michael's around per 2000 people,
    The world would be a better place
    Go nuts Mike, and make 'um smile

  12. The cherry is on top is when the assistant goes "your nose looks a little crooked!" right after he puts the leg up 😂

  13. I love "Carbonaro Effect" every episodes on this show but this "Carbonaro Effect" was truly my favorite one 😂😂😂😂

  14. I am sure the lady is an actor, when mike pulled the nose off you could see the remaining hole is blacked-out, it's video edited

  15. she did not want to touch the tongue , Lol and was like " you put it in that bag" and his response was hilarious ! …. and at the end, in the midst of the shock  she might be thinking this is what I will deal with daily ??? One of the favorite episodes .  Just like the disappearing raffle ticket car. The best!

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