The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Robotic Eyeball Replacement | truTV

How is your vision? -Uh, it’s pretty good.
-Yeah? Um, I do — it does get a little
blurry every now and then, like when I’m watching TV
or something. Mm-hmm. And have you ever
worn glasses before? -No.
-No contacts, no glasses? LASIK? No? Okay. There’s a new procedure
called A.Eye where it’s an eye replacement
where you’ll be able to see two times clearer
than a normal human being. Wow.
And we do it here. Mm-hmm. And I had it done
in both of my eyes. So I have excellent,
excellent vision. Wow. Um, deep inside the pupil, you should be able
to see a little light. Actually a little…
deep inside. -Yeah. I do. A little bit.
-Yeah. It connects to
the optic nerve, so it has the precision
of a camera. You know how they’re making
camera lenses much smaller? Uh-huh. It gives the ability —
I’ll show you here. -You’ll get a look at it.
-What are you doing? Yeah. You can actually
see it — Yeah. Don’t… No, no, it’s — What it is — there’s a
small light inside here, and that’s connecting
to the optic nerve that goes right
to my brain. That’s the only thing
that’s a little weird. -It’s wireless.
-Really? So, you can see, like,
when it’s — That’s the on– Up to 30 feet
if I walk away. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, that’s the only
jarring part of — -That’s kind of creepy.
-Yeah. Uh, we use it sometimes,
you know, my wife and I, as a nanny cam. Does she have them, too? -Yeah, she has two of them.
-Really? And I’ll leave this at
home so I can watch the babysitter, you know? So, what do you do, like,
when you don’t have that in? -Like, you just —
-Sleep. You take them out
at night to sleep. And it doesn’t hurt,
like, while it’s out? No. It’s a — Oop. [ Clattering ] That makes me dizzy. Sorry about that.
I shouldn’t have dropped that. Yeah.
It’s a little expensive. Oh, my gosh. You know, I was tired of trying
to wear glasses and tired of — I never had good vision. That’s part of the reason
why I became an eye doctor, you know, was because I-I
couldn’t see very well. So, it’s good to… These removal eyes were made
by Spectral Motion, which is an incredible
special-effects company. They matched my exact eye color to make them look
perfectly real. I loved them so much,
I kept them. Wow.
I have not heard of this. Okay, I’m gonna
get your paperwork, and we’re gonna be
all done here. Okay. And you let us know if
you’re interested, okay? Okay. ♪♪ ♪♪


  1. TruTV more Collab with Impractical Jokers Please
    Carbonaro Effect and Impractical Jokers are the only reason left i still watch TV lool

  2. At :42 he started talking seriously to attract her attention and during that he grabbed the fake eye 😀

  3. Man I couldn't believe this he took his eye out of his head and it turned into a robot that's something but it's a good show though I never seen this one before but now I have

  4. Really? Wireless? Doesn't anyone pay attention in basic anatomy anymore? There were so many plot holes in this gag… It's either staged, or they had to try this on dozens of people, or she's just really out in lala land.

  5. How could she possibly not know that it's impossible to do an eye replacement? It's like trying a head transplant…it's just impossible!

  6. Even if they were real I would not have used it because I like my real eyes 👀 instead of some AI eyeball LIKE IF YOU AGREE

  7. Also it works wirelessly as a camera up to 30 feet, yet he's able to leave and watch the baby sitter?….what from the end of the driveway? Lol you slipped Carbonaro x) love ya anyway

  8. I have those for both of my eyes. Unfortunately the batteries went dead while I was driving so "Sorry" to all of you that were on the sidewalk.

  9. Honestly this the best show on Tru tv channel I like impractical jokers and other Tru tv shows too like the worst dumbest criminals but "Carbonaro Effect" is a very enjoyable Magic/Comedy show very entertaining too 😃👍

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