Tension building classical music for you! Music animation of string ensemble! Around of great classical music. Like a romantic classical music, modern classical music. Tension classical music, xylophone and violin. Intimate string action. Sounds of the bow slowly dragging across the strings and the texture-like sound it creates, it sounds like you can touch it. “Spinning Chamber Music”. This is what is chamber music and chamber orchestra. Around symphony orchestra and string quartet. Turn off the light and enjoy this audio animation effects of instrumental music vj visuals! Processing particular trippy special effects, optical flares of music. So go on, this vj visuals music animation video!


  1. i ran across this looking for sound effects, but wow i really like this, great for some kind of video pointing out a concern or somewhat

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  3. I really like this music and I'm going to use it in my new web radio program. I will credit your channel namee, so it will appear while the song is playing, good job btw 😉

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