Taking A Colour Blind Test With Colour Blind Glasses


  1. I have been emailing back and forth with Enchroma about all of this, they saw the videos and reached out and loved them. They told me that while these are outdoor glasses, they won't work on the test anyway because that's not how they work and aren't designed to cheat the system like that, hence why I got the same result as before.

    They also take about 15 minutes to work properly and for some people can even take hours or a day to fully change anything, it's different for everyone.

    All in all I'm mentioning this because this video was more for fun than to give conclusive proof of anything.

  2. I did the test and got normal, but watching your video I couldn't see 1 or 2 of them, and was like I understand it now

  3. 8:00 please tell me he's joking and there's no number..I see nothing. I've had to say it for certain others too..

  4. I feel so bad cause hes like "Please don't tell me that people at home are able to see numbers" and then i'm sitting here like oh thats a number.

  5. When Jack did the test and there were the ones with lot of colours i couldn't see a number. But when I try to take the test these just won't show up so idk if there were no number or they changed the test?

  6. I think how colour blindness works is that the colour receptors in your eyes get worn out easily and the glasses help reduce the stress on your colour receptors so then your eyes can detect colour better

  7. Jack: sees number in all gray circle
    Me: sees nothing

    Me: sees gray circle with red 2
    Jack: I don't see anything

    I aM CoNfUsIoN

  8. Hold up…… Wait a minute, your red and green colourblind, does that mean that you see your channel banner and logo as red and your main colour is supposed to be red but your colourblind so its green or am I retarded

  9. Hey I'm red/green colorblind as well! Also blue/yellow deficient. (Apparently super rare in females which is why no one thought to test me for it as a kid and I didnt find out until I was 25. Teachers noticed i would mess up colors but idk maybe they just thought i was being difficult or something?)

  10. My result was normal but my test was different from urs I think I can’t see much grey cause there wer a few u said u could see I can’t it was mostly grey

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