Swanblood – Dysphoria and Therianthropy, Part 2

Okay. So last time, I had talked a little
about dysphoria. If you didn’t see that, then please go to my video ‘Dysphoria and
Therianthropy, Part 1’ and it will explain a little better. So, what is dysphoria like? Why does it drive
people to do things that many people see as crazy? I mentioned in my last video some people
self-injure because of dysphoria, or they develop eating disorders. And some people
break the social norms of society, wearing costumes, ears, tails, anything to feel like
their selves. And then there’s people like ‘Stalking
Cat’, who is quite famous in the furry and therian community. He has transformed his
whole body to come closer to the idea of being a tiger. So, if you’re not a therian, you’re probably
thinking, ‘why people do this?’ And if you’re a therian who doesn’t experience
dyshporia, you might still be thinking, ‘why people do this?’ It is simply that dysphoria is one of the
most painful emotional experiences. It feels like being in a trap, but a trap is your own
body. Imagine for a moment that you wake up one morning and someone has dressed you in
a clown suit. You think ‘oh, haha, a silly prank.’ You try to take off the clown suit,
but it won’t come off. You get up in the morning, you go to work,
and people are saying to you, ‘hehe, nice clown suit!’, and you’re saying, ‘it’s
not my plan to wear this, I can’t take it off,’ but people don’t believe you, because,
what kind of clown suit you can’t take off? So they go around thinking, well, that is
the kind of person who wears a clown suit. And they judge you based on that. And you
feel completely that that is not your identity, but that is how people are going to see you. And you can’t get dressed up, or go anywhere
nice, because you just feel stupid, you are wearing this silly clown suit. And, imagine if it’s something that you
really think is ugly, like a particular piece of clothing; it’s bad colors, it’s cheap
fabric, and it’s tight and it’s hot and it pinches you in all the wrong place. It
squashes your body so it’s even painful to move. And you go around, and people think,
that is who you are, the kind of person who wears that silly outfit. And you don’t even
want to wear it, you just want to take it off. But you can’t take it off. Even in the shower,
even your bed at night, you can’t take it off. You’re stuck with it all time. So, that would be a pretty bad life, huh?
And you would do anything to get rid of that. The costumes that people see as silly are
a way for us to get out of something that feels even more silly and wrong to us, even
just for a little while. Because for some of us, we feel like we live in a human suit.
And it feels as ridiculous as you would feel if you wore an animal suit.

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  1. Great video. maybe make a video (or maybe even a thread topic on WL) about the idea of activism? How and why therianthropy should or shouldn't be known? (Maybe for therians who haven't found the community yet or for therians who know who need more understanding from either professional workers )like psychologists) or from everyday people?)

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