SUQQU Sophisticated Deep Navy Eyes

I am Noriyuki Yanaka, SUQQU Makeup Artist. I am going to create sophisticated deep navy eyes on the model by introducing the UK exclusive SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow 01. I created a semi-matte, porcelain skin used with Pore Covering Powder go well with this look. This is a quod palette Blend Color Eyeshadow 01. The light beige is a base colour (lower-right), and the matte navy (lower-left) defines your eyes. The light brown (upper-right) gives a beautiful depth and the orange gold (upper-left) adds a highlighting effect on the eyes. Using Eyeshadow Brush L, apply the light beige (lower-right) to the whole eyelids. It covers the dullness and brightens eye area. Using Eyeliner Brush D, apply the matte navy (lower-left) along the upper lash line. Drawing the line slightly longer than eye gives you a sharp eye impression. Using Eyeshadow Brush F, apply the light brown (upper-right) to the eye sockets. It adds the beautiful depth to the eyes. Using Eyeshadow Brush L, apply the orange gold (upper-left) from under the eyebrows to whole eyelids. It adds the beautiful lustre by brightening the eye area. Using Eyeshadow Brush F, apply the light brown to the outer corner of lower lash line to create more defined eyes Using Eyeshadow Brush L, add the gold orange to the inner corner of eyes to brighten the eyes. This is Eyeliner Creamy 02 in Black to define the eyes and enhance the colours of eyeshadow. Using Eyeliner Brush C, apply the eyeliner along the upper lash line to create the strong presence of eyes. Draw the eyeliner in the same line with the navy colour. Mascara was applied focused more at the outer eyelashes to enhance the longer navy line. This is Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist 01. This moisturising lipstick brings out natural pink beige with a beautiful glow to the lips. Using Lip Brush, apply it on the lips by sliding the brush. The natural pink beige colour emphasises the strong eye impression. The key point of this makeup today is the eye makeup. Drawing a strong line using with eyeshadow and eyeliner tends to look flat, that’s why adding highlight colour to give depth is the key to create an alluring eye impression. Please visit your nearest SUQQU counter to experience the Blend Color Eyeshadow 01, available exclusively in the UK.

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