Super ANGRY Bros – Luigi Saga (EVERY EPISODE) Mario parody

Lokman Ya! Wah-hoo! Ah-ha-hoo-hoo! Oh yeah! Mario number one! Hoo hoo! (Warbles) BBBUHBBUHAAAAHOOHOOHOO (cough) (cough) *spits* Yah! BBBRHMMMM! (Warbles) Yah! Hee hee! (I got him! I got the duck!) Yah! Wah-hah-ho-hoooo! No you don’t! Let’s-a-go! Whee-hee-hee-hee! Hmph! Woah-woah… (grunt grunt grunt) (F***) Oh yeah! [suspenseful music] *gunshot* MARIO; AAAAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Yah! BBBRRMMMM! Wah-hoo! *splat* Yah! Wah-hoo! Woah–oy-oy-oy-oy-oy-oy-oy! ‘You Caught a Pokemon!’ Bye-bye! Wah-ho- ho! Oh yeah! Mario number one! Ha ho! Yeah! Mario win! Wah-hoo! Okey-dokie! YA-HOOOOOOOO!!! (cough) (cough) *spits* Yah! BBBRRMMMM! Oh-No!!! Let’s-a-go! Whoo-hee-hee-hee! Hmph! Whoa-whoa… S***! Oh yeah. (suspenseful music) *knock knock knock* Yoo-hoo! (gunfire) (gunfire) (gunfire) (One gun-shot) MARIO! AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! Yah! YAH-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO!!! (meowls) {Ow.} Yah! Wah-hoo! Yeah! Mario win! Wahoo! Okey-doki- *splat* Bye-bye! Wah-ha-hoo! (Announcer) K-O!!! Yah! {How long is this going to take!?!} Hmm… WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Woah-woah-woah-woah-woah-w- *splat* Yah! BBBRRMMMM! Oh-no!!! Oh, Mama!!! AH-HOO-HOO-HOO!!! Let’s-a-go! *crack* Whaaa- S***! *crash* Oh yeah! (suspenseful music) (Luigi) AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! *tires screech* *tires screech* MARIO! AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! Yah! Wah-hoo! Woah-oh… WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Yah! Wah-hoo! *glass shatters* Oh yeah! Hmm… WOW!!! AAHHH!!! Oh man!!! YES! Okie-dokie!!! *more glass shatters* AAHHH!!! Bye-bye! WAH-HOO-HOO!!! MAMA!!!!! OW-OW!!! Too easy. Yah! Hello! Thank you so much for playing my game! It’s-a-me, Ma- Yah! Wah-hoo! Oh, Mama! Ow-hoo-hoo! Wah[-woah-woah! Hey! Ow! AHH-HOO-HOO-HOO! WOAAAAAAAAAAAA-HA-HA-HA!!!!! Let’s-a-go! Whoopee!!! *snap* F***!!! *crash* Oh yeah! (suspenseful music) (more suspenseful music) (even more suspenseful music) (record scratches) Mamma Mia! Bye-bye! (gunfire) (gunfire) (gunfire) (one gunfire) MARIO!!! AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!! Yah! Wah-hoo! Mamma Mia! WOAAAAAAAAAA-HA-HA-HA!!! MAMMA!!! Yah! Wah-hoo! *crash* Bye-bye! Wah-hoo-hoo! MAMMA!!! WOAH OW OW!!!!! FINALLY!!! A TRUE BATTLE!!! Here we go! *grunting* *shouting* *angry-ing* Hello! Thank you so much for playing my game! It’s-a-me, Ma- Yah! Wah-hoo! Heh heh… Oh, Mamma! Oh yeah! Who’s number one now? LUIGI!!! Hmm… Mamma Mia! AH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! Let’s-a-go! Whoopee!!! Oh! Ah! Hmm… Cool. Here we go! Hmm… OH!!! S***! (sad music) Ooph! Ooph! Ooph! Ooph! Ooph! Oh. Mamma Mia. Oh… -You will never win.- -HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!- (daring and energetic music) LET’S-A-GO. (anime-style battle music) Oh! Whoaoaoa… Hmph! Heh heh… Staaaaarr!!! Let’s-a-play! Ha ha!!! Here we go!!! Go Luigi!!! Yah-hoo!!! Bye-bye! Woah woah wooah woah!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! MAMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Luigi time! Let’s-a-play! Oh yeah! Hey! Ha ha! Come on! YEEEEEEEEEEAH!! Uh oh! Mamma Mia! Oh yeah! Let’s-a-go! Here I go! AAAAHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Whoopee! Whoo-hee-hee! AAAHH-HA-HA-HA-(Mario: Bye-bye!)-HA- Ah- Mamma Mia! Luigi Lose! Hmm…? Mario? Uh-oh- (groan) (whimpers) (sobs) (sobs and whimpers) Yeah… Mariooooooo!!! (warbles) LOKMAN: Make sure you subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos! You might enjoy the content from my channel over there! Thank you so much for watching! My name is LOKMAN, aaand, see you next time! Mamma Mia! Please Subscribe!


  1. Super Angry Bros. 6 Could Come Out… Well, Sometime In The 2020s! (Or Did You Cancel It, Because Of The Shocking Ending In Video 5?)

    Total Lives Mario Lost: 3,281 (Only 34 Were Recorded) <—> And Finished With A Total Of -3,266 Lives!

    Deepest Number (Under 0) Reached: -953 (As Of Video 5)

    Is There Anyone Else Going To Kill Mario, Besides Luigi? (If You Do Continue From 2017, And Replace Luigi For Causing Mario The 7th Recorded Death In The Video!) <—> Luigi Caused Death 5 In The 5th Video (Instead Of Death 400+ Like The Other 4), And Mario Never Went Under -1,000 Lives?

  2. I found so many things wrong with this animation like:
    Why does luigi want mario dead
    Why does the slingshot go all the way around the world one time but breaks another time
    Why does hitting the flagpole result in an instant fail one time but not the other times
    I could go on and on and on

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