Subaru Eyesight Technology…Stunning Safety

The Subaru Eyesight technology, which is a
fantastic safety feature is now filtered through more cars, all the new Outback petrol versions
have it standard, even in the base model. And that’s basically an autonomous pre collision
braking system whereby the car can choose to brake for you if you’re not braking hard
enough. Or if you have been distracted and not seeing an object in front of you that
you might run into, the car can actually apply the brakes fully autonomously to try and pull
the car up before hitting an object. So, for example if you’re driving along the roads
in Wagga somewhere and there’s a group of cyclists and someone pulls out in front of
the car quickly or suddenly, yes you may react and brake, but if you are distracted and don’t
see that, the car can actually determine that’s there’s someone in front of the vehicle and
apply the brakes fully autonomously to try and avoid hitting that person. Or if it’s
a car that pulls out in front of you somewhere, some of the strange streets we have here in
Wagga, cars pull out of suddenly, the car can see that, detect it and jump on the brakes
for you if for some reason you are distracted and not seeing it.

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