Various insults.
C=Car driver M***** F***** Can’t you see me? C: Why did you pass?
B: Can’t you see me? Wait, pull over Ensurance please, you popped off my mirror You hit me C: How did i hit you? B: you went left in front of me and popped my mirror C: you go left there C: you go left there
B: you had to give way, don’t you understand? B: I call the police if you don’t give me your ensurance, i don’t really care C: You hear me? I did nothing to you. B: Sir i have you on camera, the whole event B: i… i don’t want you to lose your Driving license forever C: We’ll meet tomorrow , write down my phone number B: Don’t write any number, give me your ensurance now. C: W-w-why would i give it to you? Do i have to give you a copy? B: Yes, copy of the ensurance and copy of your documents and i got straight to the police station C: Why going to the police? B: You hit my mirror and you popped it off can’t you see? C: Sir, that is a lane ment to turn left B: Yes it is but you have to give way you have no green lights, i had green on the main street C: I didn’t even see you! B: That’s the problem you didn’t even see me P: I saw what happened
B: You saw right? P: you went left without giving priority
B: thank you, thank you The old man keeps saying that he was right and the other 2 tried to explain him that he was wrong untill the end of the video i still think the Biker could have dodged that but he went for it.


    [00:13] ➤ IWillIfication – Biker Gets Hit by Car and Lands on Train Tracks –
    [01:19] ➤ Chillax Rider – Car Drives Into Biker Road Rage –
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    [05:38] ➤ Gear Drop John – Hayabusa Mirror Slap –
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    [08:11] ➤ SBK Rider – Biker Confronts Idiot Drivers –
    [09:28] ➤ RRS F4i – Accident and Crazy Old Guy Vs Biker –

    ★ Intro Song: Spartacus –
    ★ Outro Song: [Breaks] – Excision & Pegboard Nerds – Bring The Madness (Noisestorm Remix) [Monstercat] –



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  2. 7:43
    LA PATENTE de ese auto indica que están en argentina. Así que que sepas que en Argentina ahí millones de esos xdxdxd

  3. these bikers are giving us a bad name and should be ashamed of yourselves if you have that much road rage when someone cuts u off that you go and bust their mirror (which is destruction of property), then you need to get back on 4 wheels. I never once thought i owned the road when i ride my bike. its not funny to destroy someone property. as for the accidents that really happen shit happens if your not series injured then your fine loose the attitude. You chose to ride 2 wheels, your anger issues are what causes accidents 90% of the time. your so mad at 1 car that when another comes you blame them for the accident when you didnt even watch what you are doing. The world is ridiculously anger, its unnecessary. Everyone hear me if your angry sad or you need to talk look me up on youtube. maybe everyone can ride safe then!!!! i mean damn people grow a brain already

  4. I´m biker, ciclist, walker, driver and in some clips there is just stupid people, like bikers hitting on purpose, While they can avoid clearly a crash, I just don´t understand why they like to waste time just because the other driver is an idiot, and there is anothers where you can´t simply avoid them

  5. 8:09 Just staring at the driver and then casually pulling up the middle finger lmao. I'm dying laughing. It was golden

  6. Sometimes i have the feeling that the bikers drive reallyyyyy fast … And for others i have the feeling that you have the time to see it all arrive

    But for A lot of videos the conductors are crazy -_-

  7. 중간중간에 바이커잘못들도있는데 이걸 싸그리 차량 운전자잘못으로 몰아버리네 진짜 왜그러냐…

  8. 90% of these bikers are just some random ass dudes that drive way over speed limit and don't think about other drives, as a result they just slam other's mirrors in anger..

  9. No 1, u totally r a stupid prick, u were being a ass it would have not made the slightest difference if u had let him go, now ur bike is damaged which u deserve, and his car is probably dented all because ur a typical motor bike fucking asshole, pity he didnt hit u hard enough to make u see how fgk stupid u r, now he also will probably have his insurance go up cause of u u raggaty donor prick ,

  10. I absolutely love watching these videos… Seeing the dickheaded motorcyclists get what they deserve is a true joy.

  11. Dude, half these bikers are riding like this is the first time they've ever gotten on a bike. Most are getting what they deserve

  12. Bikers need to learn that if there is kids in the car don’t kick the car or distract the driver that’s how crashes happen and the kids would be scared

  13. 3 bikers could have avoided hitting a car. Is it worth it to possibly being killed or damage you bike just for getting on this video. stupid bikers

  14. Мотоцикл купил – научиться ездить и вести себя адекватно – забыл

  15. Half of these biker accidents are from the dumbass bikers themselves. Feeling entitled to cut through lanes and stupid shit like that. 90% of the time they’re going 10-30 mph over the limit, weaving through traffic.

  16. Recovering from a accident on my bike, guys please remember to be safe. You can be the best rider in the world and it just takes one car to slam on breaks to end it for you.

  17. 3:39 ah yes, over takes a bus from the right
    the biker: he was definetly in the wrong for obviously having difficult to see me after it literally says everywhere to not over take a bus from the right

  18. I've never seen such poor road strategy, riding skill, anticipation of pending bad situations and attitude of the riders in this video. Every situation could have been avoided if they got some training and knew what they were doing.

  19. I understand sometimes the madness the bikers be having in the road with so many stupid drivers but alot of shit can be avoided

  20. Imagine you and your friends riding and helping people who are in need of help and someone just does ram into you and you and your friends just stop helping and Chase him like a gang the guy in the front on one wheel it would be like in a film.

  21. New viewers : People who drive cars are idiots they need to look out for only bikers.

    OLD viewers: bikers are sensitive bitches and are never aware of there surroundings

  22. I don't think I'll ever understand the concept of a biker breaking a mirror and riding away as fast as possible…breaking many laws in the process.

  23. Clicked this… up comes an ad for the game "wood turning"… voice over is some girl talking about how much she loves wood… ok 🤔

  24. Why do you all ride to the gutter or the white line, your all big growed ups, on growed up motorbikes(ok, not all big bike's), so try riding in the center of the lane like "Real" bike rider's do. Maybe you won't get pushed out of the way so often.

  25. The one with the biker almost crashes because of the travel bus was definitely the bikers fault he should know not to try to go around large vehicles and that buses and trucks make wide turns

  26. Do you guys ever just get fucked of that the speed limit is to slow and just want to tag the shit out of your bike..

  27. the title should say Stupid Angry bikers who thinks they own the road Vs Innocent People.

    Making a big f*** fuss out of nothing.

    f*** retarded people

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