1. Brain I have a question what do u feed your blue tongue skinks as I am getting one soon and I don’t know what to feed it xx

  2. The no eyed ball python looks kinda under weight. The way her back comes to a point shows that she should be eating more. This is especially noticeable in ball pythons as they are very big rounded snakes.

  3. Helen needs some shades… like that blind worm in “James and the giant peach” 🍑 hahahaha 😆😳🥴
    You memmer… 🕶

  4. Hey Brian long time no see/ speak my experiment has worked, I’ve intentionally ducked out of the vlog for around a month to see how you’re progress is with vlog making , I loved your vlogs anyway but they’re are insane looking now love ya buddy I’m back on the daily grind with you again ( I used to be uncle slime on here, if I’ve confused you) x

  5. Why don’t you wait until one of them starts pipping? Cause what if they aren’t exactly ready to be cut open

  6. Brian where did you get that "stay +" shirt? I would love to have one so much, like you have no idea

  7. Also some snakes dont develop the egg tooth and they can't pip, so therefore egg cutting also is beneficial to the snakes

  8. What will happen if you miss cut the egg ? Or cut the snake inside ? Always watching your vids using others account to watch you I want a snake but not allowed to have one . Your the best Im if ever I go to the you are the Ill go first . #PhilippinesLovesYou

  9. from all the snake egg cutting videos I've watched, you are supposed to wait until AT LEAST one snake has piped. it's not right to cut them open without one of them piping.

  10. Hes a bad man. Look up why he is youll all be surprised. There is factual evidence this guy is a horrible role model when it comes to husbandry of reptiles. I urge you to look him up. DO NOT SUPPORT BRIAN BAR!!!!!!!!!!

  11. its my Birthday today and i wish i have 1 ball python.because I've never got a snake in my whole life

  12. Wait i thought people cut the eggs because some of them have an undeveloped egg tooth and they can’t get out so they cut the egg to give them a chance to live

  13. I love ur channel. The only thing is that they don’t get to have real connections with ppl. U take very good care of them but they don’t get real connections or a family to really love them

  14. My son is blind and when that lady got emotional over Helen I low key teared up too 🙄 emotions………

  15. For the most part when watching snake videos, i watch snake discovery. You might of heared of them but i was watching you cut the eggs and compared to her you cut really deep into the eggs. Also there are alot mor veins on the eggs but that could just be the breeds.

  16. Honestly, I believe Helen is a sign of evolution, since snakes don’t really have a necessity of their eyes. Not to mention she does everything a normal snake does without a problem.

  17. I certainly think Helen is your best shop mascot, in terms of getting people used to a snake and being less fearful and more respectful.
    It's quite amazing she has never seen anything and never will see anything, yet looks perfectly happy and healthy.
    Such a cool story!

  18. For new viewers, he didn’t cut the snake, the blood is from blood vessels on the top of the shell, those disconnect from the snake when they hatch.

    Edit: Ik Im very late

  19. Hi Brian! I might have to come over and visit those BEAUTIFUL snakes. Honestly itd be my dream to just work there for you. I love snakes and everything about them.

  20. No way i’ll hold a snake not even helen. No offense i’m not a reptile fan or amphibian or spiders or mice they creep me out.

    I don’t know why i watch this.

  21. If the babies with no eyes make it, I would love to give one a home! He or she would be pet only so no worries about breeding! We're just a family that loves snakes 💕

  22. I got into your videos after taking a genetics course in college. My punnet square genetics nerd loves watching all the egg cutting and hatching videos.

  23. Keep in mind the blood/liquid is not him cutting the snake, its just the way it keeps the embreo from hitting the shell and incubating it.
    @Brian Barczyk

  24. Hey Brian I love watching your videos . I been whatching them for a while now and they are very helpfull with understing snake behavior and care . I used to be scared of snakes but ever since I started whatching your videos I fell in love with them .thank you for sharing your daily life with us . God bless you always

  25. Better research this guy. He is a terrible reptile owner and/or breeder. And dude quit breeding spider pythons. You give others a shitty name

  26. Hi just wanted to ask wot happened to that orange snake which u had 1 of cause I have watched most of your blogs now and haven’t seen her thanks Michelle

  27. I haven't seen a video for July 30th, 2019 so I will take it Monty is a cinny cypress cause I got my snake from you guys and you put on my snake bag het clown Python

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