SNAKE BORN WITH NO EYES!! AGAIN!! Mangrove snake (venomous) babies hatching! | BRIAN BARCZYK


  1. Wait, why is he acting like the babies are hurting him. When they are that young they do not have teeth. He must be acting…
    To me it is bad that he does that because lots of people are afraid of snakes. So when he does this it make them think that they are right to fear and hate snakes.

  2. I want to sneak Brian in my name is Lexi and I’m 8’9 years old so I like your videos and I’m addicted to YouTube and I’m stuck right now with a runny nose and and I threw up at school but I’m fine now and suffered a runny nose OK bye

  3. The Nile night monitors name should be Cleo cus the Nile and made me thing of Egypt and Cleopatra is just a staple name in history

  4. What a dumbass! The snakes are just born and he's totally disturbing them. They just came into the world and don't want to be disturbed, especially grabbed at and Also moved from where they were just born taken from their mother. Also, I can't believe How Many snakes and other animals you have in such small crates pushed into the wall in pitch dark! So sad for those snakes and whatever other animals you may have in there. How sad for them, no life at all!

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