Smoothie For Eyesight | Carrot Smoothie by Shikha Singh

Hi guys, this is Shikha and welcome back to my channel So if you do not know I am having a 30 day smoothie challenge and today is day two of that challenge So yesterday we came up with a sigh and blueberry smoothie and that was really really good And for the day two, we are going to make pineapple and carrot smoothie So just for your reference the smoothie recipes, which I will be sharing for the next 30 days actually Next 29 days will be dairy free gluten free sugar P so they are really really good for you and they will be containing healthy Fat good protein and good cups so if you want to eat healthy and join the smoothie challenge give this video a big big thumbs up and Subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to push the little Bell Notifications of that you get notified every time I upload any with you So just for a reference I will link the detailed recipe as well as day one of the smoothie challenge in my description box down Below, so feel free to check and yeah, let’s get started with day two So the first ingredient you are using today is a carrot and this one is rich in Antioxidant and it also has a beta carotene which is actually the pigment the orange pigment present in the carrot Which is basically a molecule which the body converts in to vitamin E And the next ingredient is pineapple which is rich in vitamin C and good for your skin and also helps to maintain your weight and aids in digestion and The next ingredient is a chia seeds which is basically a superfood and it provides you with Fiber and also it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acid and the next ingredient is hemp heart Which is also a superfood and it’s the excellent source of protein next up coconut water Which is rich in electrolytes and also provides you with hydration Okay, so that was all for today’s video I really hope you guys enjoyed watching this video and if you did, so don’t forget to hit like and subscribe and If you recreate this recipe, please let me know in the comment section down below I would be more than happy to know that and I will see you tomorrow for a day three till then. Bye

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