Slow Russian – Listening lesson 9 – EYESIGHT

Hello everyone and welcome to lesson 9 of my Slow Russian video course! Today we’re going to talk about glasses and about vision, and about all those words. Check out the description box of this video to see the list of expressions we’re going to use today. And now let’s listen to some Russian. Today we’re talking about the eyesight. And about how you can correct it if it has deteriorated. If the eyesight is poor. First, let’s name the reasons why the eysight can become deteriorated. The first reason is heredity. If the whole family, all the family members have poor eyesight, a kid would likely have poor eyesight too. He or she will have blurred vision. The second reason age The eldery people’s, the old people’s eyesight deteriorates. Nothing can be done about that. Unfortunately, with age the eyesight deteriorates. The third reason. Constant eye strain. It can be because of reading. especially reading with faint light if it’s dark. Eyes become tired. And if you spend too much time in front of your computer. If you are constantly in front of the computer, your eyesight will deteriorate. Now let’s talk about how to correct the vision if your eyesight is poor. The first way. contact lenses Those are transparent lenses. I have only one left. Because I have problems only with my right eye. I only need one lense. You put it directly on your eye. And it’s invisible for people around you. Unfortunately, the process of putting the lenses on is very unpleasant. But at least they are much more comfortable. Especially for those who drive cars. It’s better than glasses. Now about the glasses. Glasses. Many people wear glasses. Sometimes I wear glasses too. There are many types of glasses. These are the glasses for vision correction. There are lenses in them too. Glasses. That help us to improve vision. These are glasses for vision correction. Also there are glasses for sunlight protection. We call them sunglasses. or dark glasses. They have dark lenses. in order to protect eyes from the sunlight. And that was it for today. Thank you very much for watching. Take care of your eyes and stay with my channel to learn the Russian language. I hope to see you in my next video! Bye-bye!


  1. Great work!! A very helpful lesson. Just the other day I was wanting to ask someone about contact lenses but didn't know how to say it in russian. "Контактные линзы" how easy is that!!!

  2. In America you can buy zeaxanthin and lutein capsules to protect your eyes. These are antioxidants that are highly concentrated in the eye tissues and need to be replaced by eating proper vegetables and fruits or by taking the supplements. A really good food from India which protects eyesight is the Indian Gooseberry. You can only find these in the Indian / Pakestani / Asian food stores in the frozen food section in America, because the Indian gooseberry or also known as amla can only be grown in Indian and some other Asian countries. Stem cell therapy in America is also doing clinical studies to improve and protect eyesight. Daria….are Russians doing clinical studies on stem cell therapy?

  3. Somehow,it is as if your mind is directly talking to mine ,and I start to understand words that I haven't heard before.

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