Short HELP Talk: How to Improve Eyesight with Black Pepper

Hello friends I will share a small tip on how to reverse your eye sight numbers Only thing is little bit of dedication is required One is that when you get up in the morning Pick this finger ,third finger, ring finger put it under your tongue left up a little bit of saliva pull this eye lid down and just apply it, in both your eyes this is one thing Then you go brush your teeth whatever you want to do The second thing what you can do is Take 8 to 10 black pepper balls, black peppercorns Crush them Crush them finely and take 1 table spoon of pure cow ghee When i say pure cow ghee means i hav standard to it It should be a indigenious indian cow, cow with an hump and never administrated with a steriod Now you will say where will i get this Where will i get this pure cow ghee from, you will get it It is difficult, it is expensive but you will get it The best place to get it is at juhu iskcon temple You can inquire around other iskcon temple keeping good cow ghee you can take it they pretty honest people and they will give you good stuff Then there are many many small cow sheds which are selling the cow ghee In various different shops in bombay You can google out on net for this There is 1 fellow at zaveri baazar, 1 at C P Tank, 1 at some kanji mentioned somewhere near aalankar, at least in bombay i know this places But the best this is you do some work and find out where are these pure cow centers You know nowadays people are really working after it to save the cows Which the indigenous indian cow and i think we all should be a part of it for saving the indigenous indian cow So coming back to the point is this pepper powder of 8 peppercorns or 10 peppercorns with 1 table spoon of ghee mix it and gulp it down first thing in the morning after you brush your teeth probably and have half a glass or quarter glass of slite warm water on it Not very hot but warn water that is sufficient to reverse you eyesight Thank You


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