Sewing Machine Drive Motor Belt Tension and Replacement

The first thing you need to know about your
sewing machine is that it has a few belts for the interaction of various mechanisms.
One of them is a motor belt or drive belt. With drive belt the electric motor is connected
to the main shaft of the sewing machine. Sometimes it is required not only to tighten
the belt, but also to replace it. On older models of sewing machines and overlocks, industrial
machines, do it not difficult. It is necessary to remove the protective cover, loosen the
motor mount to the body of the sewing machine and remove the drive belt.
But not all sewing machines have such simple replacing the motor belt. In this video you
see such an example. Drive belt can only be replaced in a workshop for repairing sewing
machines and such repairs will be quite expensive. Therefore, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Sew only those types of fabrics and materials that are listed in the instructions for your
sewing machine. Then the belt will be whole and strong for many years and it does not
have to be changed at all. If the motor runs at high speeds, and the
sewing machine sews slowly, then most likely you need to increase the tension of the drive
belt. The same applies to the case when whistling
sounds appear during work a sewing machine. The belt tension has loosened, and the belt
periodically slips, making such sounds. After replacing the drive belt, it is important
to tension it correctly. If the belt is tightened tightly, the sewing machine will make noise,
the motor will overheat, and the belt may even break over time.
The drive belt tension should be such that you can push it a little with finger. In any
case, a weak tension is better than too much. Do you like to sew clothes with your own hands
on a sewing machine? Then you definitely need know how works a sewing machine. This will
save you from errors in the operation of your sewing machine, prevent many expensive breakdowns
and provide the pleasure of working on a sewing machine.
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