Sesame Street: Getting a Check Up | Grover’s Health Minutes

– Uni-ver-si-tat-tis vil… Oh, hello everybody. It is your old pal Grover, yes, with another one of my Health Minutes. Today I am in the doctor’s
office having my check-up. Yes, you should have your check-up, too, if you want to keep body and fur together. And, oh, here comes the doctor now. Hello, Doctor. – Hello, Grover!
– Hello. – Okay, now, we’re going to start off with checking your heart. – Oh, good.
– Okay? Okay, let me put this here. – Oh, see this little thing the doctor has, it is a stethoscope. That is what it is called
and it does not hurt at all. – Okay, breathe in. (inhales deeply, holds breath) – And he is checking my heart. – Breathe out.
(exhales forcefully) Good. – He is listening to my heart with that. – Okay, a deep breath again.
(inhales deeply, holds breath) – And he’s just…
– Okay. Breathe out.
(exhales forcefully) Good, Grover. – Thank you, he’s just
touching me with that. It does not hurt at all. It’s a light, light touch on my fur. – Okay, now. – Now the doctor, oh I know
what you’re going to do. – Good, very good, open wide,
that’s good, that’s good. Very good! Okay. – You see, he looked
into my mouth, but first he put that little, kind of like a popsicle stick there,
just to touch the mouth. It did not hurt at all. – Okay, let me look into your ears now. – Oh, I know what this is. This is checking my ears. This is fun. – Okay, here we go, Grover. Okay, now the other ear. Okay. Okay, thank you, Grover. – You see, this doctor
is quite adept, you see, because monsters have
little tiny holes for ears and you can hardly see them
because the fur covers them. – Okay, now.
– Oh, now, this is nice. – I’m gonna check your reflexes, okay? – Yes, he’s going to take
this little tiny hammer and tap my knee. – Here we go. One! – Ah-ha, you see? It moved.
– One more time. – That’s what it’s supposed to do. – And, two! – See, but he does not hit very hard. – Very good reflexes, Grover. – Yes, thank you very much. I thought so myself.
– Okay. Now.
– It does not hurt at all. – Okay, now let me
check your tum-tum here. – Oh, now! (giggles suddenly) – Sorry! – I always get to laughing
when he does that. – Okay
– I’m so ticklish. Oh, he’s checking my tummy now, you see? He’s just feeling it all over very softly to see if it is all right. – Okay. – Yeah, and what he will then tell me is, oh, what a healthy little monster I am. – What a healthy little monster you are! – You see, what did I tell you? – Okay, now I’m going to
give you your booster shot! – See, now what’s going to happen, he’s gonna, oh no, no please! No, I don’t want that please! No, I don’t think I need that! I don’t want the booster shot please! No, no, I…
– You just had it! – Oh. Well, in that case, (embarrassed chuckle) I will take it. Doctor, I felt it just a smidge. Can I say a tiny ow
even though it is over? – Oh sure, Grover, if that would make you feel better, go ahead. – Ow. (lighthearted music)


  1. That “popsicle stick” goes deep in your mouth where it feels like the Doctor is trying to choke you, actually. Grover clearly pain that doctor off

  2. I remember seeing this on Sesame Street and finding out I needed to go to the doctor later that week. Lol Sesame Street prepared me and reminded my mom about my appointment.

  3. Getting a shot doesn't feel like that much. I have confidence in getting shots. It's like saying, "Getting a shot, you can do it."

  4. the 80's? I may be mistaken, but I think I remember seeing a version of this from the 70's with Grover in the doctor's office and another muppeteer doing the doctor (can't remember if the muppet was different) but I could be wrong, I did watch Sesame Street in the 80's but very rarely. (I could also be confusing this with Grover getting a haircut which indeed WAS from the early 70s) Either way, I love this; Frank Oz's Grover was my favourite Sesame Street Muppet. Thanks for posting, Sesame Street!

  5. I think the only reason the doctor said that Grover is a healthy monster from 2:21–2:23 because he heard Grover talking to the audience where the doctor was thinking "okay, I will say that."

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