1. amazing story …
    I have tears :'(
    this really touched my heart!! I can relate in so many ways!! I'm newly saved…2years + counting
    #PRAISEJESUS #JesusIsMightyToSave

  2. Beautifully blessed family 🙏🏿💙💯👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  3. i encourage everybody to walk around your house and look at the things you love, relies how many things you have to live for 🙂

  4. Wonderful but she can still learn to cast off the demons of fear, its done by binding the strongman thats over her life, which is probably fear or could be depression, once she binds its power she will be free from those down days. Mathew 12:29, we are in a spiritual battle and depression fights for our souls. Jesus overcame all at the cross.

  5. God is amazing!! i look at these testimonies and im like wow! can this happen for me? Im just waiting for my day, my turn.

  6. Glory to God, i have also a depression and feel a lot of emptiness, i have no feelings of joy and have no emotions at all because of this depression, also the feeling of love is missing in my life, can someone please pray for me that God will intervene?

  7. Me either in not alone, i dont feel alone, God loves me, im his son, im redeemed, im saved..im.forgiven

  8. god loves you my christian sister I'm also a new christian I love god with the lord all things are possible amen

  9. Ok. Just wondering if anyone caught that what had helped her was Christian Counseling. God doesn't always work instantaneously…if you need help…go get help. If you don't have insurance or not a lot of money, there's help for little to no cost. Just ask God first and for most though.

  10. ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL SUCH A HAPPY ENDING ❤❤❤❤ May God continue to BLESS her and her family!

  11. I relate to her feeling soo much. I'm so happy she found peace and I hope to find that peace one day myself.

  12. Praise God, and good for her. She’s a talented young woman. In her occupation she helps people overcome their difficulties, it’s wonderful to know that she got the help and guidance that she needed, it was her turn and she took it. I wish her and family continued happiness, success and God’s blessings over them all. She is certainly a remarkable young woman.✝️

  13. Divorced parents…feeling wrong who she was..feeling of loneliness and depression. Finding self worth over achieving value in things she did. Finding meaning with boys. Approval…emptiness, worthless. Try to kill herself.
    But she survive..didnt face her own demon..at work..still depression…co worker Jesus is love…the hope…commit my life to christ..she found…redeem..pure, forgiving, a child of God…i know where im going…dont feel alone…

  14. Praise God for His salvation & healing in Lauren’s life.

    However, I say this with all due respect & love, where is the part in this testimony where she recognized her SIN?

    I’m pretty sure that was a factor in reality, but when CBN does these testimonies we need to make sure we paint an accurate picture of the gospel.

    In other words, when communicating our testimony there needs to be a clear depiction of our rebellion against God, how the Lord allowed us to recognize it, and our humble penitent acknowledgement of our need for the Savior. If this is missing, it paints a water-down superficial picture of sin & inevitably cheapens the gospel to a self-help or what can Jesus-do-for-you gospel.

    Please note, I’m not saying that trusting in Jesus has benefits of curing moral inhibitions, behavioral flaws, past experiential scars, hurts & pains, psychological ailments, etc. I’m saying that that shouldn’t be the MAIN /DOMINANT reason for why you come to Christ.

    The PRIMARY reason we need Jesus is because we have rebelled against God & stand condemned as cosmic lawbreakers. We are guilty of defying God & therefore we need a Savior to help us in our hopeless, wretched, & ruined estate. Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ! 😃

  15. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for your testimony…continue to Speak out the Word over your issues for complete deliverance…this reminds me of myself. So I can relate to all of this real life and the issues that I have faced over and again several times…plead the Blood and bind the generational curses to prevent them from occurring in your children…I found this true over my own family and I agree vocally with the WORD over each and every family member today. God is so faithful and He gave HIS DYNAMIC WORD…JESUS for the same reason to anyone who feels the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Amen 🙏🏽

  16. So relate . God help us. Counseling has been a joke 4 me. Several failed counselors over 10 plus years. No real help. Stifle my feelings with food, education, entertainment.. When I went to a place 4 help 2 hrs away then first time I felt acceptance, hope versus shame and guilt attending church. I think my church is draining life out of me and my job and jus me

  17. I can 100 % relate to this story…I suffer from chronic bipolar depression…Due to many personal issues…I love Almighty God & Jesus but I still can't find my way in life….I don't know what else to do, I guess I must leave all my personal troubles in the hands of our precious Lord Jesus…🙏 Amen! All those people dealing with depression plz first find out what it the root of yur depression…is there a solution, if yes? then find the solution…Jesus is always there, but we truly must seek him out…. praise Almighty God! 🙏

  18. "The person who led her to Christ is now her husband". God bless her. All these stories end in happily ever after. I have been alone (i.e. NO girl/woman relationship apart from mother) my whole life. I died in my heart over a girl in high school/early college years who I felt was my one and only, but she wanted no part of me. For 30 years or so I have believed I have been a Christian, but I still have never felt loved or accepted by God, let alone any woman. I have never understood why God would allow me to have these strong longings, emotions & desires to be in a relationship, yet has completely shut down any hope for this. At age 58, not only have I never married, but I have never dated, fighting demons of depression. Long past the age for youthful romance & love, I am just waiting to die. If God loves, He has a strange way of showing it.

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