1. I also look at the videos of the inner eye of a hurricane and think the cloud formation is beautiful
    But that does not mean I don't look at the devastation and feel so sad for everyone affected.
    I 🙏🏼 for everyone who has been affected in any way.  
    God, why do you let these things happen ?  When are you going to put a stop to the chaos on this Earth ?  ☹️

  2. "People need to heed the precautions…it is nothing to play around …on the ground …more dangerous than in air!" 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Hey, did the president build an invisible wall to denied Hurricane Dorian access to Florida. Fox News seems to think so?

  4. "To collect data" no buddy tell the truth you're controlling it you held it over the Bahamas because China was using it as a submarine port for a possible war with the US. America can control the weather we've been doing since Vietnam. There are even reports stating that we can weaponize the weather. Look it up.

  5. Women are God's gift to man.. Not a possession, therefore enjoy them, don't marry them… Thank me later!!!

  6. You can thank the US government/military for this mess and destruction. For all of you in the dark, they have the technology to steer hurricanes and create paths that best suit their agendas. They may also have the technology to create hurricanes.

  7. “I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people” —Dorian

  8. That was the most subtle shade in the history of shade thrown. She quickly humbled the shit out of that man for having too much fun discussing a disaster that has ripped apart people's whole livelihoods.

  9. Ищите Вавилонскую Блудницу ,Katrin Jade, ищите в домиках блудливых по дороге праведника ,они кругом сидят на кассах по дороге праведников

  10. They HAVE to fly into these man made hurricanes to control the path of them. You guys need to look into HOW and WHY. Until then, your just one of the SHEEPLE

  11. Hurricane Dorian is hitting my area in a few days. According to the government, it hit East Quebec and is either heading towards New Brunswick or Ontario and I live in Ontario. They said give it a few days and the next 3 days are gonna be storms so that might be a sign. My friend told me and my other friends all this

  12. Eyewall actually is a zone of hope. It's where u actually believe in God's existence. After so much of chaos, horror, darkness abruptly u get to see the light of hope. The blue sky above you nd u gain faith to live again, to fight again. Though u know inside that this monster gunna hit you again more powerfully but those few seconds if not minutes are actually where u get to see and experience the heaven.

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