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  1. Just a reminder to please include your Insta/twitter handle in your comment and if you don't have a twitter yes you can still enter with your instagram. Good luck & I'm loving all these heartfelt comments and am reading them all ❤️

  2. i will be the first person in my entire family to graduate college and i think that’s a celebration in itself 🍾 i stay super motivated by thinking about how i won’t have to struggle as much as my parents did & have so many opportunities as a career! my insta is samanthaa__brooke (that’s 2 underscores!)

  3. What keeps me motivated is knowing that I am preparing myself to save lives. I am a current nursing student half way through to my BSN. I also know I have to work hard to provide the best life for my dogs. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
    Twitter&Insta: MelaniexIrenexx

  4. My friends always keep me motivated! We like to study together and want each other to be successful! (no twitter but IG is emilykack)

  5. What keeps we motivtated is knowing I only have a term of school left before i leave for Uni and I can study what I am passionate about. Love you heaps. Instagram bell.robinson1

  6. What keeps me motivated is my grandma and her face when I tell her what I am accomplishing in life and how proud that makes her.

  7. What keeps me motivated:
    Kiara Madisen videos (LOL) … they actually do
    Getting a job well done
    Making my fam proud

  8. The thing that motivates me is my daughter. She’s the reason I always continue to push myself and working hard. She deserves the best and that means I have to finish my edcation. Going back for year two at university soon ☺️ instagram: @ majahagenvald

  9. My friends keep me motivated. When there are bad days they cheer me up. (Obviously your videos too 😂) Instagram: pandaanna12

  10. What keep me motivated is the goal I want to achieve. I know what I want and what I have to do to get it
    Love from France ♥️
    Instagram: lisa_ruellan

  11. I always feel motivated by my classmates! When we feel unmotivated we cheer on each other and play the "pep song" of the day to get in the mood again! 🌸 ig: aannees

  12. My biggest motivation is knowing that with all the knowledge I gather now I can help people later.🙈 I am studying to bekomm a MD and everything I learn now is a tool for my later profession. ❤️
    My IG: @amic1tia

  13. ok got my dads permission
    insta’s @izzyy.zhang twitters @Isabella32999237
    what keeps me motivated: thinking about all the good things that come after all the hard work

  14. I have really big ambitions which can be annoying (I'm rarely proud of myself) but it also keeps me motivated. I just want to show others that I am worth something. And of course I love learning new things.

    IG: _lovely_cactus

  15. What keeps me motivated is my aunts success as a dentist and I want to be just like her. I’ve never won a giveaway and I actually just discovered your channel today and I love it. Hope It’s not too late to enter. <3 @nataliamata06 for insta and Twitter.

  16. It keeps me motivated, making my parents feel proud because I always try to improve myself every day.🙌🏼💞🇲🇽
    Ig: isaortiz_21

  17. I want to win to help my parent not to buy me school supplies and just buy us food because sometimes life is very hard but we should fight until we can and your so beautiful and kind to give us school supplies


  18. My motivation going to school is my parents because they are working very hard to give what i need in school even my mother is very tired she go to her work every day to provide us food and more and i love my mother very much and i'm very thank full to her …


  19. Even though I’m on the verge of giving up already, I still stand up on my own just to get that degree and to make my parents proud. This is also to pay for everything that they’ve worked hard for to enroll me in the best school here in PH. To God be the glory! ❤️ Love you!

    ig: imkaylagail

  20. My motivation is my parents and and to give them a better life style than what they have now and of course to get my self a better life style too, to be lucky enough to study more and provide my coming people a better life too.
    My insta handle is @subhangigupta1234.

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