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[MERRY CHRISTMAS] [As usual noice of landline ringing, who uses landline anyway] Santa: [email protected]#l do all phone lines get jammed at 2 am at night, so only I get calls Santa: Hello? Hello Santa? Santa: Yes who is speaking? I have not recived my gift till now Santa: Which gift? That christmas one Santa: Ayye my names not santa claus, it’s Santa Ram, cut the call Retard is asking for gift or redemption money Santa Ram: Hello KRK: Hello Santa Claus? Santa Ram: Santa Ram KRK: Sir please give an Iphone X today Santa Ram: Do you think it’s your dad’s property KRK: But you give on every christmas right Santa Ram: Are you son in law of santa, That you are asking for dowry KRK: What? Santa Ram: Cut the call, son of a beggar Santa Ram: Hello || Hi Santa Santa Ram : Oh hooo Give me Gucci sandle as a gift today Santa Ram: Do you want gucci sandle yes Santa Ram: I will slap you with bata shoes Aww Santa I want gucci sandle Santa Ram: Go eat poop What? Santa Ram: I will wreck you Excuse me Santa Ram: Stop this excuse me Santa Ram: These gucci people Hello Santa Claus Santa Ram: Santa Ram I don’t care, today I want you to drop a 500k cheque in my socks Santa Ram: Aye Flop Gangster Till now santa has never ledt a penny in my socks and you want 500k What did you say? Angry Santa Ram: Come here I will kick you butt 5 times Santa Ram: Thinks he is big gangster Hello meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwee meeeeeeeeweweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Santa Ram: Yes only you were left White rats are over What you want Fish curry, are you curry, you won’t get it meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww Santa Ram: Aww, you asked for way too much, cut the call, I will eat pizza Santa Ram: Hello Is this Santa speaking? Santa Ram: Yes who is there I want a wifi router for gift today Santa Ram: At 2 a.m in night where arre these poor people getting my number from [AGAIN RINGING] Santa Ram: Hello Sallu: Won’t you welcome me? Santa Ram: No I won’t what will you do? Sallu: you did’nt recognised brother Santa Ram: Salman Khan Sallu: Yes and I want a wife today for gift leave her at my socks Santa Ram: Bro ask for life, not life partner what did you say? Santa Ram: we have to get a time machine for you || what? Santa Ram: One minute………Hello It’s me popatlal, I want a wife Santa Ram: Ayye, is this a sale going here? I want a wife || no no first find one for me Santa Ram: Do one thing, both of you marry each other And you guys, like subscribe and share this video, or you won’t get a gift and enjoy this song


  1. I m a great member of your angry army I m a big fan of u I have seen all of your videos with a like plzzz make new videos as fast as u can love u

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  3. Before seeing this video a add came it was about zilli add and a man was slapping everybody It was funny
    Who saw that add
    Then like it

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