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Hi Friends Welcome to 5 Minute Stories Channel If you like this story please press the like button also, subscribe to my channel Today the story which we are going to listen to is SANJEEV PARVAT. Around 10 decades ago there was a king in South India One day all of sudden he lost his eyesight The King summoned the chief Doctor After checking King’s eyes the doctor said “There is only one way to restore King’s eyesight” “You must go to Sanjeev Parvat(Hills) and bring a medicinal plant King said “I have three sons I will send any one of them to bring that medicinal plant” The Chief Doctor said “There is an ANGEL at the foothills. and only with her guidance one can climb up the hills and get that medicinal plant. Immediately after the departure of the chief doctor, King’s first son left for Sanjeev Hills As soon as he went near the Sanjeev Hills he met the ANGEL there. He requested the ANGEL to guide him to climb the hills and get that medicinal plant. The ANGEL said ” Sure I will help you. But I have a few conditions which you must follow” King’s son said “Okay, tell me what are your conditions??” The ANGEL said “You will strictly obey all my orders” For instance, if I ask you to turn left then you must turn left and when I ask you to turn right you must turn right You should never turn back, you must remember this condition all the time. The King’s son said “Okay let’s start out journey” They started climbing the Sanjeev Hills. After climbing to some distance the ANGEL suddenly stopped talking. As soon as the King’s son turned back to check he become a stone statue. Now the King Sent his second son. The second son also met the ANGEL and agreed to all her conditions. Both started climbing the Sanjeev Hills After covering a short distance the ANGEL started laughing loudly. Out of curiosity when the King’s son turned back he becomes a stone statue just like his brother. Now it was the turn of King’s third son King’s third son also met the ANGEL Both had a conversation and agreed all her conditions. Now both started their journey and started climbing the Sanjeev Hills. This time also the ANGEL tried to distract the King’s son She tried everything like screaming loudly, laughing and shouting. But the King’s son didn’t turn back. Ignoring everything the King’s son kept walking forward. Finally, he found the required medicinal plant and returned back to his country safely. As a result, he was able to restore the King’s eyesight. Friends the ANGEL in this story is our heart(will power). When we set a goal and try to achieve it our heart guides us in every possible way. It helps us reach our goal. But when we start to work on our goal the same heart creates confusion and suspicion in our mind. By doing this it tries to distract us away from our fixed goal. Friends, we must ignore all these distractions and keep moving towards our goal. Only then we will be able to achieve our life goals. Thank You for listening.

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