Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Accessibility Settings

I right Ricky here and settled hope you’re doing well today I want to go through the accessibility settings on the second galaxy a5 2017 massive thank you very fun sending this out such thing and this video is very key to myself always like to take a look at these settings as I am visually impaired i may use these settings when actually testing out these devices so if you do have a disability and you see seconds please leave a comment down below it’s very nice to hear from you have to wait and let me know which device you may be used them on the first doing if you and your main after all then to the cult icon which has been setting watching settings we need to scroll all the way down to the bottom and then count five up 12345 it’s called access ability and it’s a little green man click on accessibility and what enough here Thompson I split their categories so you’ve got vision here in dexterity and interaction and then a few extras the first of all let’s go to them actually and then I jump into the main body of whether split up successful you have direction lock direct access education reminders so reminders and notifications and maybe have on your device Archer in the lending cool so you can do these with buttons and different motions with this fine single tap mode and manage accessibility settings so you can actually make your own profile what you prefer so first of all let’s jump into dexterity and interaction that all the top one is universal switch and assistive menu tap and hold down a so if you have any issues with the touch screen there and then interaction control to finish this section of going back let’s go into here in the first light is flashing education so the LED on the back of the phone will actually flash then tell you that you may have notifications or even an incoming call and text messages turn off all sounds so if you are someone that doesn’t hear anything or our death you turn this off and then before making sounds that you get subtitles another you got something subtitles or Google subtitle institution you can change the sandbar and the left or right depends on yourself then finally got mono audio Islam moving on provision and this is the biggest category here and this is one of the most important ones to myself you have voice assistant when this is actually tumbled on you then get these extra features so you’ve got voice assistant help you got dark going that make your screen start if you don’t use the screen got rapid key input and speak passwords to forget that voice assistant I just told him some highlight this box select them and what they are several items for the related action voices then we’ll sneak back everything you highlight so i can highlight the top bar up here at the top ok and it will give us our time as well double crap you have to highlight once and then DoubleTap quite quickly to actually make that action country like that when this is toggled on these actions will be available to you as well moving on your text to speech output accessibility shortcut which is a great that in the connection for this on your home screen if you don’t want to come to all these menus all the time can actually have a shortcut on the screen have voice labels we have front size that moment he sets a huge which is nothing big for myself a high-contrast fonts high-contrast keyboard got show button shapes magnification windows if i highlight this here ok you have a window here calling up and down or you can even move the window by the field here you can move the window whoever you want to have it stumbled on and off their magnification Masters is here 1233 quick taps and it will actually last a whole device with two fingers pinch-to-zoom then you can see how big how clear that still looks on this great thanks 123 again and that total darkness I wish you have gray scales and make the screen grace if you watch this blue here test great and negative color some people find it easier to read this way around and then you have color adjust as well there at the bottom there’s a phenomenal amount of seconds there so pleased to see the Samson still offer so many settings for people with disabilities so they can use these great devices so thanks always for watching I hope that helped if you need any information on the one to leave comment down below please they’re always work license always great to hear from you thanks always for watching remember that comes up if you’re new to the channel subscribe for latest videos from me week i’ll see you in the next one bye for now


  1. Hi, can you show the ringtones, the notifications tones and the vibrations of this phone ?

    The sound quality is good ?

    Good video 😉

  2. Hello sir, it's me Rahul Sharma from Gangtok and I bought a Samsung a5 2017 and I didn't get the sound equalizer settings in phone

  3. my home screen is stuck at a layout where the icons are 3 by 4. It's annoying the hell out of me and i don't know how to fix it. any help

  4. Hi. Pls test "always on display" if it has email, message, faceboook notification… Because this phone does not has led notification. I dont know how the always on display work…

  5. i just got the A5 2017, and when i don't put my fingerprint right on it it lock to 5 min, then 15, then 59 min!!!! how can i disable that!? thank you!

  6. Love this phone, one of the best buys I did this year, buttttttt today there was an android OS update and its now ugly as hell.. the app icons changed, the accesability of the wifi menu etc.. (that you swipe down) changed alot as well to worse, BUT whats worse is the DAMN CLOCK that shows when the phone is LOCKED. ITS SOO UGLY! The hours and minutes get vertical… so UGLY! How can I change it back!? Please help…

  7. Hi when i put my finger to the sensor on the front at the left, the always on display text dissappears and it unlocks the phone automaticly. Can i change it?

  8. I use Apple. I am very frustrated with the updates that they do not work well with my phone and excess ability. So I’m doing research to see how well the talkback features work on other devices.

  9. Hi, I'm also VI and in the UK. This is a good phone and I love the triple-tap and quadruple-tap functions. I upgraded from a J5 2015 this week and my only issue so far is that there seems to be no T9 keyboard option, so I'm stuck trying to manage with QWERTY. What's my best option?

  10. I did enjoy your video I learned certain things I did not know about my Samsung Galaxy A5 Samsung however you did not answer one key question for me so maybe you can do it here in the comics I'm looking to turn off my profanity filter so when I swear using my voice command I don't get Stars I get the word thanks

  11. Hi, can you please help me with screen mirror problem on my samsung a5 2017, every time I take a selfI and it's spoiled because of screen mirror.

  12. Help meeeee. The settings of my camera are gone. Idk what happened. So I can't use filters etc. Also, my back and front cam's unclear whenever I take pictures even when it's not dark. But when I try to take some pictures outdoor, I mean with the sunlight, it's freaking clear. Help me, I dunno what to do with my samsung A5. 💔

  13. How do.inturn off "settings shortcut " which annoyingly comes on when swiping my A5 near the bottom right corner or bottom left corner. It suddenly came on and I don't know how to disable it. Help!

  14. when I talk over phone my talkback sound heard from other side. how do I stop this problem?
    I'm using samsung j 7 prime.

  15. My A5 does not have the option of "cloud view" within the settings of the Gallery…. how else can I filter cloud photos from photos on my device?

  16. Hi, I have a slight problem. My phone keeps making weird noises(like a notification noice but not any of the ones I have) when I start playing a youtube video or just open a random app. It doesn't happen always but it's very irritating. It always comes from the speaker even when wearing headphones. I have a samsung a5. Please help, the noises are driving me crazy.

  17. Hi. I have this very same phone of Samsung but I don't have text-to-speech section even though I have google text to speech downloaded 3:53

  18. Hey man do you know how to create a shorcut to activate mobile data and make it appear at the notification pannel just like bluetooth airplane mode etc just like iphones. This would be really helpful

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