Roomba 980 vs Dyson 360 Eye – 5 Tests, One CLEAR Winner – #Ad Warren Nash

OK guys, so I’ve had a Roomba 980 for a
few months now and now that Dyson have something to add to the robot vacuum cleaner world,
I thought it was only fair we saw how they both stacked up against each other. So, Roomba
980 vs Dyson 360 Eye – Let’s do this! OK and for the first test, it’s the popcorn
test. Let’s go head-to-head. Both the Dyson and Roomba seem to get off to a good start,
however, after a few seconds the Dyson does seem to get a bit confused just before leaving
a trail of popcorn behind. The Roomba on the other hand did seem to pick up most of the
popcorn on it’s first pass. The Dyson also seemed to have problems getting popcorn stuck
in it’s brushes just before giving up completely. And after checking the bottom of both vacuum
cleaners, the Roomba seems clear whilst the Dyson still has some popcorn in it’s brushes.
So it’s a good start for the Roomba. OK and test number two. Let’s see how these
robots deal with low furniture. Using a set of draws with access height of 11cm at the
bottom, the Roomba seems to clear it with ease with a couple of cm’s to spare. And
now the Dyson 360 Eye. Unfortunately, it couldn’t make that 11cm pass under the set of draws.
What it may lack in diameter against the Roomba 980, it’s unfortunately gained in height.
And furthermore the Dyson does hit furniture quite hard when it’s heading for it straight
on. And unfortunately, after this test, the 360 Eye did suffer a blockage from the earlier
popcorn test – involving tweezering out popcorn from it’s insides! OK and test number three – Let’s see how
these robots run over a rug. Starting with the Dyson, after an initial bit of confusion,
the 360 Eye does mount the rug – Challenge accepted! However, after just a few seconds
on the rug it does seem to give up completely, flashing an error message on the top. And
now for the Roomba 980. Just like the Dyson, it does seem to test the water a little before
taking the plunge and mounting the rug. And whilst it does seem to be struggling more
on this mid-pile rug compared to regular surfaces, it certainly seems determined to get to the
end. And it looks like it’s another win for the Roomba after successfully getting
from one end of the rug to the other. OK and for test number for – a really, really
thick ball of wool! This time we’re starting with the Roomba 980 with the wool cut up and
lined up on a carpet. And just on it’s first pass, the Roomba seems to suck it all up leaving
no remanence of wool behind. And now for the Dyson 360 Eye. The same test of sucking up
wool on a low-pile carpet, and whilst it seems to be getting off to a great start, just like
in the popcorn test, it’s leaving a trail of debris behind. And when we explore the
underside of both robots, we can see (just like in the popcorn test) the Roomba seems
to be clear, whilst the Dyson does seem to be collecting then saving the dirt it’s
picking up on it’s rotary brush – comparing this to the Roomba which seems to use rubber
extractors instead. OK and it’s test number five – the final
test, and it’s a time trial. Same size room but which can clean the quickest? Both starting
in the centre of the room, left to clean a 3 metre square area. We can see how the Roomba
cleans in straight lines, whereas the Dyson cleans in a spiral, moving outwards. And the
results are in. We can see Roomba finished cleaning in 9 minutes 47 seconds, however
the Dyson did take longer at 11 minutes 38 seconds. Which means Dyson took just under
20% longer to clean the same area as the Roomba. OK, so that concludes my tests of the iRobot
Roomba 980 against the Dyson 360 Eye. And I think it’s fair to say there’s one clear
winner. Whilst the cleaning performance of the 360 Eye can sometimes be comparable to
the Roomba 980, the problem with the Dyson is, this is only when cleaning on an unchallenging
surface, or when not trying to suck up something too big. The fundamental problem with the
Dyson is it just doesn’t seem to have been made to function in an everyday household.
So if you did go for the Dyson 360 Eye, it would likely only work in a household that
was already clutter-free, mostly dirt-free and only had flat and even floor surfaces.
Now, the iRobot Roomba 980 on the other hand seems to do a much better job at tackling
a variety of floor surfaces. Plus it can get into places the Dyson simply won’t fit.
Plus, the Roomba 980 picks up bigger bits of debris with ease, with much less chance of
it breaking down mid-cleaning cycle, unlike with the Dyson. What’s more, the Roomba
980 cleans all the way up to the edges of your room thanks to a rotating side brush.
Plus, it does all of this whilst cleaning your home quicker than the Dyson 360 Eye. And that concludes my comparison of these
two robot vacuum cleaners. Now, if you liked this video, remember to give it a thumbs-up.
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