Rodenstock presents the new standard for the sharpest vision: DNEye® PRO

The eye – one of the most complex sensory organs in the body. Since the beginning of ophthalmology, people have been trying their best to understand it in order to correct visual impairments. In 1900, the Swedish doctor Allvar Gullstrand succeeded in taking a decisive step. Through his research he managed to develop a general model of the human eye. The so-called “Gullstrand’s Eye” was born. From then on the physiological structure of the eye could be included in the calculation of lenses. Technology and lenses were gradually perfected over time. but one thing remained the same: “Gullstrand’s Eye” as a standard basis of calculation. We asked ourselves: In 2018 Rodenstock broke through this frontier and is in the process of rewriting the textbooks. For the first time in the history of ophthalmology Rodenstock largerly dominates the vision system. Gullstrand ist being replaced. With the DNEye® Pro technology Rodenstock measures the individual anatomy of the eye and is the only manufacturer in the world who also transfers these measured values to the lens. The result: and thus: The sharpest vision of all time.

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