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Car Driver Abuses Truck Driver: I was giving you constant horns. Car Driver : You were abusing me Truck Driver : No I wasn’t. Truck Driver : You abused me and asked to come out of truck. Car Driver : It’s your fault. Truck Driver : I accept it was my fault Car Driver : So what if you accept your fault, you will bang our car and then feel Sorry? Car Driver : Pull the truck to the side Car Driver : I’ll get your truck impounded. Car Driver : Left abusing the truck driver Truck Driver : Listen to me also, that I kept on honking but you didn’t give me side. Tell honestly. Car Driver : When there’ll be space then only we’ll be able to give you side. Car Driver : See our car has been scratched. Man in Jacket : Ok fine, Call the police then. Car Driver : Yes, offcourse we’ll call the police. Man in Jacket : Yes why not call them, and they will impount both the vehicles. Car Driver : Let them do Man in Jacket : Why are you harrasing the truck driver. Man in Jacket : You were pulling off his arm. Man in Jacket : You have the insurance, you can claim it. Car Driver : People like these will keep hitting cars and we’ll keep on claiming insurance. Car Driver : I will the call the Police. Man in Jacket : If police comes, nothing gonna happen, they will take 2000 bucks from you and 2000 from the truck driver. Car Driver : I don’t care they take 2000 or 6000 bucks Truck Driver : I gave him so many horns but he didn’t give side and when my truck came along his car, he accelerated. Car Driver : You people are taking his side Brother we are not taking his side, he is accepting his fault. Accept your fault. He has already accepted his fault. Truck Driver : I accept my fault. Now Please Let it go as he is accepting his fault. Car Driver : Wait, let me click his vehicle picture, I will make it stop ahead. Please let it go now. Nothing major has happened. Car driver : What if it was your family, What would you do? We won’t have frighted like this in middle of the road. Let it go please. They seem on the road fro the first time, vehicles do get rubbed while on road. Brother, leave now. I gave him so many horns, there was a bus in front of me so I had to take left and this car driver took right. These people don’t give side, they drive in their own world.


  1. Thanks bhai ..mai UP se 40 duri se hu Bhai mai ye like truck driver ki help ke liye. Bhai hamesa galti chhoti gaddi walo ka hota h….Always

    Bhai agar mera msg aap ke yaha pahuch jai to pls replie ki jiyega….

  2. Singh saab thoda truck driver ko bhi samjha dete. Jab car wala side nhi de rha tha to thoda wait krta. Aagy nikale kisi padi rhti h… Agar major accident ho jata to..

  3. बहुत अच्छा काम किया भैया हमारे तरफ से भी एक लाइक

  4. Ya i hope u won't fight if tat truck would hv hit ur bike… it ws hit n run… N u wr trying 2 discourage the car driver to call the cops…

    N more over Rasta me chalane se thokna jaruri nehi he

  5. Army or truck dryver sem h brother
    Army dese ka suroksa kor tha h
    Or dhekne jane se 1 torop se truck dryver v dese ka surksa hi kor tha h
    Agr 1 hopte gadi nahi solane se dase
    Me hortal mas jayga brother…..

  6. भाई रोड पर फाटक नहीं लगाए दुर्घटना हो सकता है

  7. bhai lagta hai tumhare paas 4 wheeler nahi hai
    agar hoti to pata chalta kitna dard hota hai agar 1 bhi scratch aaye to
    kyu ki ye log bina piye nahi chalate

  8. Bro roads in India are as dangerous, if not even more dangerous compared to those in china and russia due to the absurd amount of vehicles that are on them. Not to mention that most drivers in India are reckless. I, myself is from India and i get first hand experience on the roads of mother India.

    Edit : guy removed his comment

  9. Imagine the truck had hit you? Tu double react kiya hota, doosre ko shaant kara raha hai.. Truck waale ka side le raha hai.. Chutiya.

  10. Aajkal track or bus draver ko ijat nahi hai koi bhi gali teta hai bosdi ke gand dam hai rat ko mil akela gadi uda dunga bike wala achha insan tha unko thank you

  11. Jo harami modarchod log rahte hai jaise bike pe 3 harami baithe rahte hai chalti track bus draver ko bina matlab ke gali dete rahte or akela rahta hai to bhigi billi kaise chupchap jata hai vaise gandu chupchap jata hai or 3 rahga to charbhi aati hai jhathu log

  12. in this argument, Truck dr: 3+2=4, Car dr: 3+2=6…what i mean is no indians follow traffic rules…they can drive only in india not in other countries…no one follows traffic rules in india..they dont even know hat are traffic rules

  13. gaddi me thoda sa demej ho too ky huwa jab gaddi ko bachana he too ghar me hi rakho kiyu bahar nikalte ho hamesa choti gaddi walo ka hi dosh hota he bohot jaldi hoti he in logo ko janeki

  14. Now every motorist must know that with increased vehicles, population, bad roads, potholes, etc the things of hits from minor to major hits/accidents are quite common. Need to reduce the vehicles, better roads, population control, safe driving etc. Only way

  15. ए छोटी गाड़ी वाले खुद गलत गाड़ी चलाते हैं और बड़ी गाड़ी वालेको अकेला देख के डराते है अभी तक ऐसे कोई कानुन नही बन रहे जिससे बड़ी गाड़ी वाले कि सुनी जाय मर गया है आर टी ओ नियम

  16. Well done brother… You did what normal people would ignore…you gave support to poor and alone truck driver instead of car peeps who was just bragging just because of minor scratch. We should stay away to safe distance from big vehicles and still we overtake without space.

  17. Bhai yhi truck wale ne na , is bike wale ko touch tk kr dia hota to vdo kuch alg hisab se bnta ,,, actually jb tk lgi apne na ho na to dukhna smj ni aata …

  18. कारवाले तो अपनी गलती कभी मानते ही नहीं है बस यही पायलट है केवल

  19. Jitna car driver budha hoga na utna he chutiya aur harami hoga, uske ander bilkul bardash shakti nahi hogi, chotte dil ke log

  20. Bhai imagine ur bike got a big dent and got lot of scratch u wouldn u leave like that 🤷that uncle might have worked hard and brought it 😕

  21. तुम्हारी गाड़ी को कोई ठोकता तो तुम क्या करते जब हिमाचल मैं गाड़ी चलानी नही आती तो आते क्यों हो हिमाचल को प्रदूषित करने

  22. four wheeler walon se main puchna chahta hun tumhare samne tu wheeler a Gai to usmein kiski galti manae manae jayegi tu wheeler ki fore wheeler ki kitna bhi galti to bhi ladki rahegi magar galti Mani jayegi fore wheeler ki yad rakhna vaise badi gadi wale bahut hisab se chalte Hain jaanbujhkar kabhi kisi ke mein touch nahin hone dete Hain magar Kya Na bahut log kuchh jaldi padi rahti hai unki man chudane wali rahti hai to pass Mile ya Na Mile jabardasti bhul jaate Hain ki Man ki Lodi

  23. Detta måru regne med nårru kjører kryss-og-tvers-rally uten fender hengende ute.
    Bra det ordna seg noenlunde sivilisert.
    Verre med sprayinga av lufta over oss. De svina burde få smake 2-toms kjepp, i bakhuet.

  24. It’s his car his wish he has to pay for the damage if you were so concerned you should have paid from drivers side idiots poking nose everywhere and there was infant also in the car stop supporting the person who is wrong this is not a good idea to get PR grow up and start minding your own business life will be much easier

  25. Bc India k Road Se Khatranak Indian RoadRage He Achha Aapke Jese kuch Log He Jo BichBachav Karte He Varana Ye Marpit Hi Karte He.

  26. Dil khush kr diya bhai aapne or aapke friend ne. Ladai khatm krwa di. Warna usko akela samjh ke sab chadh rahe the marne ko. Allah bless you bro. 💗🤲🏻

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