Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension – daily exercise

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Hi I’m Paula Moore The Chiropractor and I’m going to teach you how to cure shoulder tension.
If you’re over the age of say 30, most of us from time to time have tense shoulders.
Do you do a lot of this sort of thing?par What you are doing is instinctively trying
to increase the blood circulation. If you’ve watched any of my previous videos then you
will know that dilated blood vessels (when the tissues are warm) allow more blood to
the area bringing more nutrients and oxygen. When the muscles are tense do you think the
blood vessels are very dilated? No, they are squeezing the blood and oxygen out of the
area allowing more tension to build up.par I like a good old fashioned should roll, Paula
style. I always like to do my shoulder rolls backward. I like the idea of opening up the
posture so I don’t do a lot of forward rolls. I like to open up because we spend enough
time forward and hunched over our computer screens during the day. par
You may like to do these in the privacy of your own home so you can go really crazy with
them. I like to really exaggerate the movements. I go way up to my ears, way back so you feel
like you are sticking your bust out and all the way around. Start off with a good 5 or
6 in a row. You may actually get a little tired just from doing this. par
Then you can start putting your body into it. I bend my knees, drop the head forward
and backward; get into a rhythm with this. It feels great. Then I like to do a bit of
swimming with my shoulders, one at a time (back, forth, back, forth). Really,
really enjoy some good shoulder rolls. par
I like to end, after the shoulder rolls with a pinch of the trapesius muscles, where all
the knots develop. I start up close to the neck and I squeeze and hold, sqeeze and hold,
sqeeze and hold going right out to the shoulder. The same on the other side, remember you are
trying to increase the blood circulation. You can give it a gentle shake out at the
end.par So that is curing shoulder tension with some
Paula shoulder rolls. I hope you enjoyed that.fs22par }

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