Real Leaders are Authentic, Even When They’re Wrong

Take two contrasting leaders, President George
Bush, whose policies I didn’t like, and President Barack Obama, who sometimes wasn’t the greatest
administering the world, but both of them are people of character and they’ve been true
to who they are. I can disagree with the policies or I can disagree with the way they run the
government, it doesn’t mean they’re not people of character. And I think they’re quite authentic.
Unfortunately a lot of times in politics with the high media intensity and the long cycle
we have, I mean right now we’re in the middle of a political campaign that’s running 16
months, 18 months, that’s way too long. How about six weeks like at the Brits do it. But
you do test people in that period but you get into a lot of media playing the media.
I’m not planning the media I’m just saying they play the media and it creates a lot of
attention and they say dumb things. Today’s world everything you say is going to come
back to haunt you. Everything I say on this show is like recorded for all times. Everything
I write in my new book, Discover Your True North, I’ve got to stand behind for all time.
I could admit that I was wrong but you said it. I said it. It’s with you. So I would like
to see more authentic people running for president and holding political office, unfortunately
I think a lot of authentic people, leaders have gotten turned off by the whole process. Donald Trump is an amazing phenomenon. I didn’t
like him, especially didn’t think he was authentic when he was running his companies because
it was all about him. It was a big ego trip with Donald and it’s all about charisma or
even fame charisma or trying to look good trying to attract people to you who’s not
about serving other people. And then he did the Apprentice show and I didn’t like the
approach I got fired. Now he’s running for office. I don’t think he’s ever held an office
in his life, so he certainly is not credentialed to be president of the United States. I hate
to think his finger’s on the nuclear bomb. That would worry me a whole lot. But actually
he’ll say one thing and then say something totally different a few months later. He says
whatever suits him. And there’s a lot of anger there towards different groups and he really
is dividing various groups, exact opposite of what I believe. I believe we accept people
for who they are. If you were born outside of the United States, if you’re a different
gender, different color, different sexual preference, we accept people for who they
are. It’s what happens to the person inside, not attacking people kind of generically.
I think this is wrong so I’m not at all happy with the Donald Trump phenomenon. But I admit
it’s attracted a lot of people and many other people are angry at the government too so
he’s attracting them.


  1. American politicians are just like Trump – not authentic. They say whatever suits them and will get them elected. They don't serve the people – but rather their donors. And for the record, Trump may be "immune" from this but he'll only serve for him and his financial interests – if god forbid – the american people are stupid enough to elect him.

  2. Bill George …. you have no idea do you who runs your country and ultimately the world. Obama …. Bush….. anybody who takes office as president is nothing but a puppet. plain and simple. they are TOLD how to talk and what to talk about. sure, they have their own character, their own personality but the substance within that personality is all but fabricated and at the end of the day, they are just actors for the elite who dictate who gets the job.

  3. Presidents are not leaders, even when their personality should be, their job is not to lead, it is to execute the will of the people.
    I am disappointed that this video turned out to be a guy's opinion of Trump instead of what the title suggested.

  4. I wonder why he doesn't include Trump in the "leaders with character" category, is it just bias? It is hard to neglect the thought that no leader is completely honest and transparent, even though they seem authentic. Character and authenticity are separate traits, as one could be true to their character but not authentic towards the public. Dishonesty is a character trait too 😀

  5. Totally nonsense, ALL modern presidents are brought. Bush and Dick invited Iraq to enrich their friends, there is nothing authentic about that.

  6. "Being" a character and "having " character are two entirely different things. And as much As I disagree with Trump's policies, how does him running multi-billion dollar conglomerates NOT effectively qualify him for office? Government is a business as much as people want to deny it (or declare how much govt SHOULDN'T be run like a business) it still is. He's lost a fuck load of money in the process with risk investments which I'm afraid is a type of approach he'd take as president, but I think his business experience leaves him just as qualified if not MORE qualified than Obama.

    As much of an idiot Bush was, being a Governor does IMHO make one more qualified for Commander in Chief than a senator, but compared to a business magnate who can assess people well for their strengths and weaknesses and potentially build a well lubricated machine as their Cabinet. Now Trump, even if elected; aligning himself with Reps will probably keep this from happening but the potential is still there.

  7. Its true. Donald Trump preaches hate and anger towards people who are really no different from anyone else. Perhaps he is also disingenuous about his true opinion of foreigners or whoever else he wishes to discriminate against, but this seems besides the point. The fact remains that he has sought to divide people. The same is true of most current world leaders.

    Also, I am not convinced either Obama or Bush were any more authentic than Trump. It seems to me that whoever's campaign receives greater funding from big business succeeds. The US government is loyal only to its business partners; not, as it professes, to the people who elected it.

  8. This is why I like Bernie so much. Not only do I wholeheartedly agree with most of his policies, he also seems to be authentic, and stick to his principles.

  9. George W Bush is an actual moron. An idiot. An imbecile. Yet he was in office for 8 years. That to me is still baffling; here we are near the end of Obama's 2nd term & I'm still wondering how that dunce was even allowed to set foot in the oval office, since he was probably drooling everywhere.

  10. Bush is an war mongering oil tycoon who systematically slaughtered thousands of people to convince us to instill his foreign policy on the middle East, for guess what oil! defending that man is naïve. new evidence of Saudis involvement in 911 is being revealed, bushes fucking butt buddies… I'm not gonna reveal everything out over YouTube, I just implore you all to look for yourselves, Bush is not a man of character.

  11. Pft, you don't accept everyone for who they are. I watched it twice to where all your rhetoric added up to the point where you thought it would be okay to lie. Other than the first one where you asserted that Obama is as authentic as Bush, which is typical to just ride the coat tails of something people conclude is sameness, essentially riding the same anti-establishment sentiment, yourself, right? This could use a six paragraph explanation, but I think you can figure it out.

  12. The Trump phenomenon is a response to the extreme progressive left. The SJWs of the world. The idea that you shouldn't offend people. When you refer to everybody that doesn't agree with you racist. That is when you get this kind of push back.

  13. Authentic???????? Uhh, no authentic people will ever be elected for president. I was the last real president. I tried to tell you about the secret societies.

  14. If you honestly think Obama was bad you are crazy ….. Bush was bad [he may did 9/11 and 10000 war crimes for sure] Clinton was unable to rule
    And lets not talk about the old Video faking Bush Senior

  15. "authentic" is the wrong word. Seemingly authentic, but actually lying their asses off. It is all about charisma. People like you you get voted. Content doesnt matter, because its not a real democracy. The people who buy both sides will determine the new laws and regulations. People just want to see their guy win. The guy they enjoy watching him talk.

  16. It's hard to paint anyone as "authentic" in their public persona, when they engage in that much manipulation and evasion of message/media. Obama still only talks about the policy people want to hear about and challenge themselves on; and he only actively engages with the policy people sincerely want acted upon… which is always less "progressive or different" then what they talk about wanting to happen. 
    To be an authentic leader in a setting that is so encompassing, you have to be just stubborn enough not to accept; that you should be judged as a product of your time (whether you are or not), and/or that people can't or won't foreseeably be as sophisticated as yourself…. most people in a position of power would call that naive, but that just means "natural and unaffected".. Donald trump might presently be the closest thing to authentic, in that he is authentically leading the asshole population back to the dark ages.

  17. Trump has bad credentials? Name one good alternative that's not a puppet to billionaires. There's only one and he's a socialist…

  18. When I think of a leader the last person that comes to mind would be President Obama, as well sometimes he was a bad administrator sorry, that's incorrect he has been a terrible President and a terrible administrator with no good points in his Presidential career.

  19. Neither of these 2 presidents have character. If they did they wouldnt massively promote the war on the middle class. These presidents send our sons and daughters to war to fight for oil for the 1% and people in other countries we are allies with. We spend more on war than the next 26 countries COMBINED and 25 of them are our allies. 95% of all newly generated revenue goes to less than 1% of the population. What has EITHER of these 1% pushing goons done to stop the blatant war on the middle class and poor people of the world? NOTHING. NOT A DAMN THING. THEY ARE ON BOARD WITH IT.

  20. Wow I really needed someone to tell me that you should be honest. Damn these are some big thoughts big think. Next time you should have my mom on the show :p

  21. i would feel way more comfortable with Trump as president then with Obama on his best day. And i think trump is 100 times more qualified to run for president then Obama ever was hahah Like Obama just appears out of no where and becomes president lol And its funny how ppl rag on Trump for the stuff he saying about protecting our borders. All hes talking about is enforcing laws that we already have haha Its hilarious. Like its illegal to illegally come to the usa and once trump says that we should deport "illegals" everyone calls him a racist lol Smh

  22. Oh my gosh. Trump accepts people for who they are too! It's all just a difference of, Are they LEGAL or NOT LEGAL?! That's it! Why can people NOT understand this basic concept? Have they really brain washed everyone with "Undocumented Immigrant" mumbo jumbo?!
    Look, Immigrant by definition means they are legal. Alien means, they are Illegal! This isn't even Rocket Science and yet so many people cannot grasp this concept. >_<
    PS: I'm not voting for Trump. I just hate misrepresentations.

  23. If you don't think politicians are authentic, listen to what they say when they don't think the mic is on. It's much more innocuous than you think.

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