“Reach out to even one person” – CATHERINE | MISTAG

One thing that I have noticed is the behavioral cognitive therapythat I have been taught with my bipolar 2 that I was diagnosed with I am more in tune that I do have rapid cycling which means not extreme highs or extreme lows but they vary some days I can be a little bit you know in a happy state of mind and other days feeling rather depressed so I you know utilize tools like music, make sure that I’m surrounding myself with people and that I do stay connected so it is a challenge at times but hum using your thought process and your mind first to try and flip those negative thoughts and just remain positive. I’m fearful that more and more people are taking their lives through depression we have an epidemic now of suicide and it’s hum, it means to start within the relationships the friendships, people close to us, we need to see these signs and become more aware of them for example they’re withdrawing from society, you may not hear from them, their eating habits may change, rather than passing those things off, we need to be aware and be in tune of these things. Looking back if I could turn back the clock and not be on any medications that would be my choice because they do have adverse effects. On another hand sometimes we need to take them for a brief period of time just to be able to get us through at that particular moment. I just would like ot give a lot of encouragement to people out there who are going through something very difficult right now or just feeling that they are not good enough or that they they just have feelings that they don’t belong I would encourage you to reach to even if it’s just one person, reach out to one person and tell them what you are going through, be real and authentic, there is no point in hiding, just remember that are a unique individual just as you are, that you have a great life ahead of you, there are a lot of people out there to support you and you are loved. Hi everyone, as you can see CATHERINE’s interview is from Skype. This is something new that we do on MISTAG because we want to be able to give a voice to people that are far and that we cannot get there soon enough. So for CATHERINE it was really important to share her story to the world and she went through a lot with her personal mental health experience and with living the death of a family member from suicide. She wants everyone to know that there’s hope, that they are beautiful human being and that they can get through this. There’s help and they are not alone and this is only a glimpse of what you get from the long version of her interview. So I really hope you’ll be there next Monday and that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. See you there.

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