Queer Eye: Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

This is Jonathan Van Ness, formerly of Quincy
Senior High School, wishing you a gorgeous day. Are you guys ready to learn about who we’re
helping tonight? Yeah! Kathi was my orchestra teacher. She’s so dedicated that she puts herself
on the back burner. I’ve never had a conversation with a gay
person before. We’ll see how it goes. What he’s doing for his community is incredible. She’s been wearing the same makeup and hairstyle
since the 90s. Jeez, honey. I’m ready to let go of my old life and grow
into my new. Try not to cry, try not to lose it. Welcome home! You look like a brand new man! People should always remember it’s never
too late to start over. You’re stable, you’re loving, you took
care of your parents. Don’t compare yourself to them. You are not a failure. You’ve literally saved people’s lives. Mine included. All any of us have done is highlight the best
parts of you. You’re a warrior. You have people who look up to you and they’re
people that you can look up to. Being able to let you guys in has transformed
me and I love you guys, man.

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