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  1. I like all the positive reports I am hearing and reading about regarding . the Quantum Vision System.  It gives me the confidence to give it a try.   . Anything that is non invasive that will help me so I don't have to keep . wearing these darn reading gl

  2. ,I have to use reader glasses for close up vision these days.  I am told . that is pretty typical for people as they age.  But I see great far away.  . So I am always having to remove and put on glasses all day long.  Would . this Quantum Vision System be

  3. This program is good but only for people who are patience and have a lot of time…. It takes a while to improve vision with this

  4. Do these exercises have to be done all at once or can they be split up during the day? It takes too long to sit and do them all at once.

  5. lets see
    optical blur is due mostly to the length of the eye being too long ( nearsightedness) or short (farsightedness)
    how does moving your eyes around cause the eye to change its length?
    oh it doesn't. maybe these crooks are just trying to sell their stupid book?
    you think?

  6. 29 years ago, I had to have my father read me the letters on the vision test at DMV so I could memorize it, because it was a little blurry. 5 years later, a doctor told me I needed glasses because I was far sighted. I never got glasses. Fast forward 20 years – I had to get another vision test at a different state's DMV, and passed. Never wore glasses and my sight is either the same or better.

  7. I'm so nearsighted that there is NO way to focus let alone see any distance object w/o contacts/glasses esp. for exercise 6.

  8. every one is different and differt types of vision problems,,so there is NO way to know how long before you see a differece ..first just READ ,,it says appriox 2 weeks maybe longer ..READ >>


  10. Do i need to do all the process Ma'am? M -8 so i want to do the same. And what about morning or evening? can i do in night time as well?? anytime all the process?? pls do reply

  11. I'm having myopia of about -5.5 and -4.5 on right and left eyes respectively ,I'm really frustrated and hopeless In my life ,pls help me to atleast maintain this power or to reduce power to -3.00 on both eyes ,pls give me tips ,I will follow ur tips and eye exercises regularly,pls help me to improve ur vision

  12. Feels great after, BUT, near-sightedness is caused by eyes growing too large, far-sightedness the eyes aren't large enough. How exactly do you think those problems are eliminated by these exercises??? They aren't… FALSE ADVERTISING !!!

  13. mam i live in india but i not find any book of quantum vision ny dr. kemp . so the exercises which you told in this video .these are the only exercise to make 20/20 vision . please mam of you have book can you give it to me and i will give you money gor book .please

  14. are these exercises are in the book? do i need to by to get 20/20 vision or is it okay to rely on this video? please replyyy!!

  15. I have started out having problems with my eyes since I was 40. My need for better vision guided me to reading online reviews, which helped me find the vision improvement method “buzu unique only” (Google it). That was two months ago and I began to see signs of development after fourteen days. It really helps enhancing my reading.

  16. Last month, I began making use of vision improvement method “buzu unique only” (Google it) and I have recognized the difference in my vision. There`s no finding out yet whether my vision could be corrected completely, but there`s been huge positive changes lately. I noticed my vision improving within the first few days of use.

  17. I almost had to wear eyeglasses for the very first time in my life. Right after 8 weeks usage of vision development method “fetching zuzo com” (Google it), there`s less strain and squinting compared to when I was not using any product. I really feel as if my eyes are healthier and my sight has been enhanced.

  18. Very happy with this vision improvement method “fetching zuzo com” (Google it). Have tried a number of vision support products before, however with lower than satisfactory outcomes. This formula started out generating apparent results within a couple of days after I started out using. My eyes did not feel as tired nor my vision as fuzzy when transitioning from close to far.

  19. Right after I became Forty years of age, my eyesight has developed and became unclear. Trust me whenever I say that vision-improving supplements helps a lot. It has only been several days since I have began this eye sight enhancement method fetching gobam site (Google it) quest. There are indications of enhancements to my vision right now. Should have began this before..

  20. My eyesight is poor and recently became worse. I visited a doctorI visited and he stated there wasn`t any treatment solution for the disability, however I started off using vision enhancement procedure "fetching zuzo com" (Google it) and saw results. Before this product, my eyes felt dry and my eye-sight was blurry. In 2 weeks, I observed a great difference in my vision and I also felt better than ever.

  21. I almost had to use eye glasses for the first time in my life. The eye sight improvement procedure "fetching zuzo com" (Google it) was a huge help as it alleviated the strain. Ever since I used the product, there was less squinting and I felt happy I discovered this device quickly when I made a decision to usage products treat my eye sight. I can say that my eyes have never been in a much better condition, specifically now that my eyesight has improved.

  22. My vision is bad as well as recently became worse. I visited a doctorI visited and he stated there was not any treatment method for the disability, nevertheless I started out utilizing eye sight development procedure "fetching zuzo com" (Google it) and also saw results. Prior to this product, my eyes felt dry and my eyesight was fuzzy. The enhancements revealed only after 2 weeks of usage..

  23. As soon as I turned Forty, I began to have problems with my eyesight. I kept looking up treatment options for impaired eyesight and I encounter the eyesight improvement method "fetching zuzo com" (Google it). I came across it 2 months ago and 2 weeks after that, I noticed changes on my eye sight. It truly helps improving my reading..

  24. At first I had been sort of apprehensive regarding this eye sight advancement method "fetching zuzo com" (Google it) but I should say that this is a very good procedure. I can feel the big difference in my eyes not to mention it came quicker than expected..

  25. Very happy using this eyesight enhancement technique "fetching zuzo com" (Google it). In the past, I`d try if other vision development items will work for me, but they only leave me unhappy. Thru this guide, my eyesight improved considerably and it has only been a couple of days since I used it first. My eye sight when viewing far objects then at near objects isn`t as bad as previously.

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  29. Mine went from -3.50 to -3 but I have uveitis and cataract in one eye I wish it cured that shiy

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