1. Haha that is what it's like. Except she forgot to mention the mandatory 3 day minimum stay for observation.

  2. Love me some Maria Bamford. Still remember her first CC Presents. Stay strong you brilliant lunatic you

  3. #TEAMBAMFORD  I'm so so so excited about her new show. THE WORLD NEEDS TO LOVE HER LIKE I DO.

  4. It seems every psych ward in America looks exactly the same. That doesn't even look slightly different from the other one(s)

  5. She left out the part where they have to watch you shave and check your fucking vital signs every 15 minutes. I guess its hard to make that funny and I missed the point

  6. Hmm. I'm very shocked to see both ppl being polite in these comments & ppl semi sharing they're own experiences. This comment section is a winner! Like, seriously.

  7. Is this supposed to be funny? Fuck Reagan for cutting care for the mentally unstable, and fuck you for mocking them!

  8. So funny and so sadly true, damn Maria is so effing amazing in her characterizations……My own proud story is that I smuggled some of those little teeny tiny pencils out of the psych ward in my underwear. See, I did learn something in there.

  9. SO glad to see more material from Lady bamford who has meant the world, stars and planets to me since the early days of her show.

  10. This is So TRUE !   The Psych Ward People will think anything you do in life is "ABNORMAL" . I think they just feel that way to keep you there and they get payed for having you there.  The Longer you stay , the more " Profit" you become for THEM !

  11. As funny as she makes it seem, she is also being very truthful about how fucked up these places can be. There is often nothing therapeutic about them.

  12. Maria Bamford is awesome in Lady Dynamite on Netflix. It's what you would imagine a sitcom would look like starring the Bamfoo. Comedy gold.

  13. She forgot about how horrible havign a crazier than thou roomate is….. and the disgusting food…

  14. I need to be admitted to the psych ward. I'm scared shitless. But if I don't, I'm going to die. Which, ironically, is what I want.

  15. "I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug."—portion of the Hippocratic Oath, revised and updated by Louis Lasagna. Really.

  16. Maria is the greatest person to listen to on mental illness, because she's honest AND its hilarious. Watch The Maria Bamford Show on Youtube, a whole mini-series she made about mental illness where she plays every character. It is AMAZING! I watch it every time I'm really depressed and it makes me feel so much better

  17. Why am I not surprised the doctor googled her while she's in the room omg. I'm glad she can laugh at it but this is the truth for many people and our mental health system sucks

  18. oh yeah. i have been admitted to a psych ward, and it's this AT BEST.
    at worst, it's my experience. and oh boy.
    but you meet some chill people there. who knew psych wards are where you find the most relatable people

  19. 'ya i was trying to kill myself… but i'm not insssaaanne.' 'if you thought you felt bad before the psych ward, come on in, it's even worse!' my life and times ten years ago. i was in that bitch for months.

  20. In the 90's they were far less terrible. It was standard to admit before you became profoundly sick. Insurance (if you are fortunate enough to have any) now will not pay for an admission until the person is in terrible, terrible shape and they discharge far to soon. As a result they are a hell staffed by exhausted, burned-out people. In '91 when I was admitted at 11pm; the nurse ordered me a huge turkey sandwich that I did not request. I started to suspect these people might care.

  21. 1:23 – 1:37 is how I feel. I want to check myself into the hospital. I have before but I don't have insurance right now. My brain is crazy and I need help. I won't do anything stupid and I know this is temporary. I'm sure YouTube is the last place I should be talking about this. I Love Maria Bamford! I was diagnosed with bipolar II some years back and I had everything under control as much as I could but, life sigh I have a lot of support for which I am very grateful. Thanks for listening!😆💊

  22. It makes you so much more depressed. Ilost part of myself when i went their.they fucking hate all their patients, and are super condecending

  23. Rode in the back of a cop car once because of emotional breakdown. I'm six six tall and I don't fit in the back of a police car.

  24. It must be a curse to be so much smarter than everyone around you like Maria obviously is. It could drive you crazy.

  25. This is the best….with her playing all of the characters. 😂😂😂😂 like the Shrink!! The drag is killing me!!

  26. I’m totally sharing tomorrow with my fellow patients in the behavioral partial hospital program I’m doing. I can’t believe they never heard of Maria Bamford. They’re gonna love her.

  27. I think I've watched this at least a dozen times over the years, and it's still hilarious. My story isn't as interesting – the most awkard thing about my time in a psych ward was that one of the staff was a woman that had graduated the year before me in high school.

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