Protecting Sight. Empowering Lives.

Sight defines how we experience the world. It lets us see the Sun and everything beneath it. We are the American Academy
of Ophthalmology. Eye physicians and surgeons preserving and protecting the
sight of all people so they may lead full healthy lives. Our mission began in
1896 when Dr. Hal Foster envisioned our collective knowledge will be far greater
than the sum of its parts. He didn’t just found the Academy. He
started a movement that is spread throughout the world. Today we are on the
front lines of medicine. We continually set the global standards for clinical
education. We relentlessly advocate for the highest quality eye care. We drive
innovations that advance treatment for millions of people. Only the Academy has
the scale and scope to take on threats to eye health an advanced detection and
treatment so more people can live unencumbered by vision loss. As from the
beginning it is our mission to change the lives we touch. We are the American
Academy of Ophthalmology. Medical doctors united in protecting sight and empowering lives

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