Procedures offered by Aesthetics Medispa

The most common procedure here or in India
would be hair transplant. The demand for that and the willingness to
come forward and get things done I feel is in hair transplant. But, here, our center specializes in really
specialized work. Hair transplant is a low-tech kind of surgery. We do more of rhinoplasties here and I feel
that, that is something that bothers many if the shape of their nose is not good then
they are constantly bothered. Every time they are facing someone or socializing
they feel that the people are staring at their nose so they want their nose improved. And in India by and large we feel that there
is a huge amount of improvement that we can give them. The science and technology has improved significantly
so we can deliver what we are promising. And rhinoplasty seems to be a super-specialized
procedure that we do fairly well here. The other procedures that we commonly do are
abdominoplasties or in other word tummy tucks and liposuction. If you do them together it is called as lipoabdominoplasty. And this procedure helps in reversing most
of the pregnancy changes that women have post pregnancy. So once their child bearing is over they can
get rid of the loose paunch or the stretch marked skin and excess flab or fat that they
have accumulated during pregnancy on their hips, buttocks, thighs, abdomen and get the
slim figure back that they had prior to the pregnancy and enjoy life. Basically it improves the quality of your
life significantly. So that’s another procedure that we do fairly
commonly and the third is rejuvenation. I specialize in rejuvenation and we offer
the whole spectrum of non-surgical and surgical rejuvenation procedures like it could be neuro-modulator
injections to reduce wrinkles on your face or it could be fillers to correct the fat
loss that you are getting in your face, age related fat loss that happens is quite significant
so we either inject fat, fat grafting is done quite well here and fat is a natural filler
and it is also a permanent filler and it gives you a rejuvenation that nothing else can,
so that something that we commonly do and then when there is loose skin around the eyes
or the face we do comprehensive facial rejuvenation like blepahroplasty or facelift. So these are the procedures that we do fairly

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