Preparing for an Ayahuasca Ceremony

Tonight, before we go
into our ayahuasca journey, I have a little gift from Brazil
called sananga drops. These drops go into your eyes. And we put these drops
prior to the ceremony because this
has ibogaine alkaloids that is going to increase
the visions of the ayahuasca. It also has a spiritual element
all unto itself, but combined with ayahuasca,
it is incredibly powerful. [ Splashing ] The second night,
we’re getting them prepared for a very intense experience. We’re gonna make symbols
of the things that have caused them
the most trouble in their life, and then we’re gonna
burn it with an effigy. And that is gonna sear it
into their subconscious mind, while ayahuasca
is taking effect, of what that means to let go. [ Birds chirping ] We’re about to do what’s called
negative sigils. I’m gonna show you
how to make symbols. These symbols
are gonna represent everything that you
want to leave behind that — that came through
that door, and they’re gonna have
another purpose later tonight. Sigils that we will be using
in pre-ceremony tonight is symbology at its simplest.
We are gonna take sentences, and we are gonna remove
vowels and double consonants and leave only the letters. And from the letters left,
we’re gonna make symbols. Going left to right,
I got an “R.” I’m gonna put this “R”
right there. This ain’t puppies and kittens. This is about getting rid
of this shit. This is about
putting it on paper and putting it to the universe,
and it is gone. This is all the things
I want to get rid of, that when I burn
in my ayahuasca ceremony, when I let go of this symbol, these things are leaving
into the cosmos. Jules:
I put my codependency ’cause
I’d like to be more independent. I also put my tendency
to withdraw socially. I put a lot of my shame
into my sigil. It’s something I’ve struggled
with for a very long time. I’m really wanting
to let that go. Steve: Who here would like
to do sananga drops before your ayahuasca ceremony? Because this has
ibogaine properties, and it will increase
your visions. It’s also very good
for your eyes. But those that want to do it, I want to warn you because
there is a price to pay, and that is, in the beginning, it has an intense
burning sensation. Why? Because pain creates energy within the deepest realms
of our minds, and when we do it,
we want you holding your symbol. Think about what
you’re letting go. Teri:
Keep your eyes closed until
I tell you to open them, okay? Here’s one… There’s two.
Lean your head back just a hair. Okay. Blink your eyes. Open and blink.
Blink blink blink blink blink. ♪♪ Steve:
And all that fear and pain went into that symbol
that they were holding when that sananga was burning like a red-hot coal
in their pupil. -Doing good, doing good.
-Hold your symbol. -Doing good, yep.
-Focus on that symbol. Steve: In through your nose,
out through your mouth. In through your nose,
out through your mouth. -[ Exhales sharply ]
-Breathe. There you go. -Accept and allow. It will pass.
-Good job. Steve: It really brought
a seriousness to the sigils, to what we were about to do.


  1. I’ve seen the Peruvian shamans produce the ayahuasca, I’m interested to see how it turns out

    Considering that this shaman would have to obtain the certain herb for the ceremony

  2. Can you stop promoting this guy, someone is going to get hurt watching this. Either get Hamilton Morris back on or don't make drug content.

  3. Uhm … This is most definitely not a true ayahuasca ceremony. Why can't white people fall back a bit – come up for some air!!!

  4. The way he pronounces sigil… smh LOL I mean the use of creating their own sigil & burning it IS actually quite helpful. That being said ~ no need to put burning shit in your eyes dummies. This dude… I think it's his teeth & that crockpot… doesn't seem very stable does it?

  5. This guy will definitely have his apprentice's to brand his name with a 'symbol' that clearly is his name

  6. This guy is a hick with a cult-and a crock pot instead of a cauldron. He is no shaman and this is a shamefuland degrading video Viceland. What a disgrace to the psychedelic experience and ayahuasca.

  7. Honestly I'm all for using entheogens, especially to help yourself overcome personal issues, but I wouldn't do it through people like them. This guy is sketchy as hell. I wouldn't trust his chemistry, his hygiene standards, or his psychology. Its like vice intentionally found the most controversial people possible to represent this type of therapy.

  8. Viceland, you're hypocrits. Your channel has all these videos with recovering addicts and then you're promoting ayahuasca. Unsubscribing. Natural or not, a drug is a drug, and you're promoting it.

  9. Ancient wisdom in the hands of babes (although, they seem sincere). We as a modern society are trying to find our way again; with risks. No way around it. A shame how our Pineal Glands have calcified via everyday common chemical exposure. Our nightly dreams/inner-visions are a great gift from God. Too bad we've degraded our bodies. FACT: Extreme physical or mental distress/trauma/pain/illness can produce a natural DMT release from our own body. Another interesting fact: DMT can also be released after being in 300hrs of continuous, pitch darkness. There's so much to be learned and studied for sure.

  10. I’m ok this guy seems weird … I rather do with people with real knowledge. They look like a bunch of hillbillys

  11. When you put it in your eyes, it's going to burn because pain creates energy, also because it really bad for your eyes too.

  12. You'd have to be out your Meth head ass mind, to go this guy for something so Precious and Important as your Spiritual Journey? Transforming your life into becoming your Greatest Version of yourself? This has to be a sick joke or someone intentionally trying to throw you completely off your path? GOODBYE!

  13. Mother Aya came to me and said "Once a crook always a crook"!! Vice I hope you dont Give these power tripping scammers another season.. Bring back Hate Thy Neighbor instead!!!

  14. "So your gonna trip balls anyway but…if you put this battery acid in your eyes not only will you go blind…you will trip brass balls"…….sign me up.

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