Pink Aesthetic Roblox Decal Codes

cue rosa’s AMAZINGINTRO mine mine mine get ReKTtt g im cooler than this intro HITTHATYEET o yes a beautiful song with nice pink ocean from the backyardigans insert aesthetic strums of the ukelelelelelelle o no the numbers are fading away flower OMG THIS is SO AESTHETICALLY PLEASING yes add those drums yes sister reminds me of when i fell down the stairs numbas omg idk what instrument goes nana nanan nana DUNDUN dUn DUn but i love it dUn DUN dUnnnn chopsticks up ur bungalow hole more numbers better keep track omg yes sister this part of the song is so pleasing someone get me an amberlance rUm RuM RUmP RUm NooONoo nONoNOn tutututu CHIckA o yes NaNA nuhNA fwloers OOf oOOf OOf OOFo UYM whos hEITtiNG thAT yEeT yum i wish i had foo d:( eat me up or die hi fren omg no it dont>:( not on me i hecking uglee when i smile numbas lobster socks FwOWLoWERs more numbers wink wonk hahah wouldnt it be funny to see a comment saying omg turn on subtitles for the video it’s hilARiOuS i swear if nobody turns on subtitles i will get anger FlLOWoERERSS womp womp, womp womp bules clues is gangsetrer bean nomorenumberbean these japanese pinky white-ish strawberries ARE SO SOUr idk it bitter hello aesthetic i’ll buy these berries and keep them in my fridge forever for aesthetics omg FAT PINEAPPLE GET OOf oFur Lazy YellOW BUmBUM and train pls FollOWOErESSS follow my twitter @iiXRosalina pls i need more follower ;))))) i make these vid ofr u guys no w u give me twitter folow thats a great deal if u dont have twitter then um make an acc and follow me and then never go on twitter till ur 18 i love these moon emojis eat eats death yes pls follow me on my DEACVtiAvEFtED instagram wait no i dont use it so dont follow me MINICOoupER um shoutout to alloolooloo and fat noey noey baby hi frend MOONEMOhiS EMOJIMONEVIE EMOERNENFIEO hi guysth read the descrirption kememkwefmmnfniwnnfnd eat fpohat hey everybody im ddeonggae hastag asmr bidjoe oof i left the music on by accident murderm e with a stick and call me a sock thats nmy new sayibg r u in need of medical help? well seek noey fun noey fun is the best alternative to medications noey fun is a baby that makes u feel good and also give u anxiety hope u enjoy


  1. guyss thank you so so so much for 12k ❤️❤️❤️ just know that u guys are what keeping me going and ur why i like to live :)))

  2. ALERT NOT A HATER umm so I read ur disk in a dif vid and umm and said u will be doing a q and a with ur voice around 15k to 20k and now it says 20k or 0k so is this all a (smart 😉 ) plan to make more people sub…?

  3. Pink ocean: 1983570628
    Flower in hand: 1983571830
    Stairs: 1983572400
    Pencils: 1983572979
    Bows: 1983574822
    "Still Dreaming": 1983575581
    Cherry Blossoms: 1983576349
    Candy cane marshmallows?: 1983576888
    "Happiness looks gorgeous on you": 1983577695
    Flowers: 1983378234
    Flower Wreath: 1983579111
    Jellybeans: 1983579942
    Strawberries: 1983580705
    Pineapples: 1983581555
    Rose Bouquet: 1983582272

    here u go guys 🙂

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