peuter Slapend Eten

hello everyone I am on my way with Danny to the consult office doctor to the doctor yes a woman yes it is a woman yes to there we will go there yes oh trashcar oh a trashcar blue yes it is blue that is nice yes grandma also at grandma also a blue one? yes, .. grandma not .. orange oh that is orange, yes that is right grandma orange trashcar yes that is right a horn hey, blue car yes some carts are blue look there what? yes oh, alot of cars, colors cars all colors cars I already told Danny a bit what we will do at the office it is the eye exam walk fast, Danny is walking fast but, then he had to practice pictures a bit unclear I don’t think they are very clear for small kids I will show it when I am at home again in the book look these are the pictures a duck, a cat a car a jug of .. water? milk? a dog, a kettle , a flag a shoe or boot a clock a church and a house also.. also.. hospital yes you had to say what it all was can you say it again? yes hospital yes, can you tell what this is? you have your mouth full right what are you eating? carrot right I saw carrot but when you look at it .. then these pictures are not very clear right? or is it just me? glasses yes you had glasses on right yes and then Danny didn’t want to speak anymore when he wore it then mama had to do it with her hand then Danny spoke he found it very strange those glasses on his head and the past days I was out with la Carmina very fun in Amsterdam and it was trough IAmsterdam I will put the link below of that vlog then you can see it Sorry, not online yet ! Soon Online ! we are almost there yes we are almost there in this building is the office of Bilthoven all allright? es yes did you fall? there is not the doctor .. yes it is inside that is nice yes is nice a truck is it a truck? a crane truck a crane truck.. the doctor is there yes the doctor will be there a pizza is that a pizza yes do you like it? yes a whole pizza only for Danny? yes so much a lot but Danny has a lot of appetite yes right yes because Danny played at grandma with Tristan yes was fun right yes mama looking? no it is not mama, but mama will use this Do you want to say bye to mama? yes hello hello hello Danny is it good? yes eating pizza yes eating pizza yes oh we are here.. we are still in Amsterdam will you come? will you sleep good? yes say bye bye bye , good sleep! did we see mama before bed yes, sleeping , after mama comes yes tonight mama will sleep with you just like last night then you also slept well full moon!


  1. Oh die ogentest…. 🙈 dat ze daar niet wat nieuws op verzinnen… al die kinderen vinden dat niks! En leuk een Japan vlog iedere zondag? Ik ben benieuwd ik ga 5 mei voor t eerst naar Japan! 🙄

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