perfect vision and relaxation with big turns

Hi everyone, and welcome to my channel eyesight
improvement and restoration naturally. In this video I will show you very powerful and
efficient exercise which will restore your vision. This exercise was proposed by Korbett
and doctor Bates. It takes only several minutes a day, but it is very powerful and efficient
and will help you to heal many eye disorders: hold yourself erect and then turn your head
and shoulders right, raise your left heel. Then turn your head and shoulders left. Raise
your right heel. To the right, head and shoulders to the right, raising left heel and then to
the left raising your right heel. Now I will show you how to do this exercise
in the normal pace. Don’t stare at objects in front of you. Don’t try to see objects
in front of you in the environment . Simply notice that when you turn right, objects slide
left, and when you turn left they slide right .This sliding will enforce you to rid of bad
habit of staring at objects which is very harmful for your eyes. The normal eye should
always move, should always be in motion. The more motions are in the eyes, the healthier
the eyes are. So this useful exercise will make your eyes be always
the motion. Motion and relaxation are key
features of good vision. Not only will this exercise bring motion to your eyes, but it
also will bring relaxation. You can add pleasant music while performing this exercise waltz
or other. Do this exercise twice a day 100 times in the morning and in the evening before
going to bed and you will have relaxation and perfect vision. I wish you success in
your eyesight restoration. You will succeed. Simply be persistent and always remember where
is the will there is the way.

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