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PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, SUBCRIBE video! Thanks you very much! without glasses Pedro cannot see very
well George has found Pedro’s glasses my daddy is an optician he checks that
you can see clearly how interesting close one eye and say what you see I can
see John I think you need glasses oh do i yes Pedro home time when I
closed my eyes I couldn’t see anything but no one can see anything with their
eyes closed Oh what’s this about needing glasses
George would you like an eye test too please sit down
no what can I do for you now these fellows please I know what about these
ones good news that has perfect eyesight today is the school sports day peppa and
her friends are all here talking to me Suzy remember George ready he won’t jump very
far Richard rabbit ready George but taking a parent to race me but I
could still touch my toes oh but she must run very Fox go granny pigs voice things that are not
bad BOTS do we really need this that’s my ship in a bottle okay how
about this box this isn’t just any and this was our favorite you were always playing that I thought
we’d throw but we were supposed to be finding some things to throw out pepper
what should we throw out and what should we keep hmm I think you should keep miss rabbit is the bus driver pepper
will eat lunch when we arrive in the mountains my lunch box Packer told me to
swap our apples oh that’s fine but please save some food for the picnic yes friends are at the top of the mountain look at the Ducks very lucky today there
is lots of bread the Ducks are eating too quickly and her friends its from Delphine donkey
what else does she say gem less princesses at you a havoc Me’s amis
clearly hmm it’s no good it’s nonsense it means I like fairy princesses and
playing with my friends Bonjour Ettie possible to Peppa
ah Delphine what did she say she spoke French this morning
I wonder who that could be Delphine does not understand pepper
she does not understand I was going to show you we cool it jumping up and down
in muddy puddles today peppa and her family are driving
out to the countryside this is the start of the nature trail don’t forget the
picnic oh dear the picnic interesting which way is the
car nothing can stop us finding our car now we’re home and dry
I wasn’t expecting that sorry mrs. duck we haven’t got a picnic this time we
can’t find it mr. zebra the postman is delivering a letter this one’s for daddy
pig how exciting dear mr. pig please pay your telephone
bill and George please come to my birthday party love Zoe zebra Zoe zebra
has invited Heather and George are writing a reply deserving would you like
to say dear Zoe Zoe it is for you Zoe
hopper ball George see you later enter and George are helping mr. zebra
deliver the post we zebra Zoey zebra Zoey zebra oh all
the post is for Zoey Zoey I would love to come to your party from Danny dog
Susie sheeps coming to your party

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  1. Peppa Pig The Eye Test Top Cartoon for Kids & Children – Alex Poole

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