Pass a Color Blind Test: Color Vision Correction

it’s a rise out of his his health watch
color correction but what a border daily lynn says a local doctors helping column
one patience see clearly color blindness is much more common
among men it affects one in every twelve males in this country and fewer than one
and two hundred females now maryland doctor has found a way to
open up a whole new world for these patients natural color blind is often miss you who’s the more common condition is known
as color vision deficiency the trickle by businesses grades life greatness messinger commissioners we’re concerned more about the patient’s
republican views between breads and grains talk while colorblind individuals may have
problems coordinating their wardrobes the condition has even more serious
consequences but for those who need to be able to see
colors in order to make a living for those patients dr thomas accident
created the color correction system mothers work might change mister for composition oh homes in the back of the arts and
hence the color discrimination wanted to see some people see hours and more vital
form musicals and more the systems corrective filters change
the wavelength of each color going into one are both eyes which enhances color
perception and discrimination the filters can be designed for patients and
glasses and contact lenses which may be a better choice for
children because we’ll be home tells the body of the friendliness lessons so keys and i should do better
in content lenses john is trying to go into law enforcement but was
disqualified because he’s color confuse now that he has a new lenses he can’t
believe his allies second-guessing myself or obscene israel patients come from all over the globe to
have the world opened out two things they’ve never been able to say back to you


  1. amazing, I was in the navy for four years. originally I wanted to go into the spec ops divisions but was disqualified due to color blindness. I have never heard of this. it is amazing.

    First time I had to read those plates with dots and numbers, I could not quite see what was in there. The doctor labeled me color blind and I could not get driver's license. This was in another country and I simply had to bribe the doctor to pass the test. Thankfully they don't require this test here in the USA to get a driver's license.
    Funny thing is that I can see all the colors just fine and never had an issue. My job requires an ability to see colors on wiring and interface screens. I designed interface screens where proper color codes were essential. I see all the colors without any issues, even with poor lighting. Later in life, I ended up going to another eye doctor who told me what to look for in the color test. I basically learned to read those stupid plates and could pass all the color tests just fine. I have never seen any real life applications where my ability to read the Ishihara color plates was essential.
    Be careful of what doctors tell you. You may be labeled as color blind when you see colors normally.

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