Parents Teacher Meeting | Angry Prash

Sir, This is my father Hello, I guess I have seen you somewhere before Sir my father is a very big business man You must have seen in the news paper Okay, so what kind of business do you do? Ringing the bells What? Bells, Bells he has a bells making industry, he makes different kind of bells Okay okay, Ramu bring two creamed tea for us Yeah sir bringing it Oh my god Ramu? Let’s run from here Sorry sir sorry Wait, now I will ring your bells (Punches sound) (music) Hello, Sir Who’s this? Sir this is my papa Come here The mustache is real? Ahhhh, Sir are gone crazy? Sorry sorry, last meeting your son brought my pune telling as his father Ahh, you got only the pune to make your father So what, as if you are a pilot, even you ride a rickshaw Your son had made someone else his father and you are playing comparison comparison over here You come back and I will show you! Yesterday, I asked a question in the class, where does ganga comes from And where does she meets?, and your son says, she leaves from her home To come to school and meets pintu behind the old Tank So what he is completely right, you should be aware about your students Aye, he was talking about ganga madam and pintu sir, he is not attentive in class But he knows everything about the affairs of other people Every day in the school at 1 pm he sees something and shouts, I won I won As if he has won a lottery Sir I win a lottery only, this is VMate app in which talented people from Around the world have posted videos, in this there is a VMall In this there is a chance of winning Samsung galaxy phone, watches at 1pm Do you think I have come from Africa’s jungle, why will anyone gift us for free? Sir you just have to post videos, anyways you look like a joker Comment on some videos and win prices every day at 1 pm What’s the name of the app? VMate App Wait I will download it now, I will take home a iron today The coal has burned by A^% up Aye, sir did you see how smart my son is Yeah he is very smart, silent at every lecture and asks questions every 2 minutes in Miss geeta’s biology lecture Isn’t it a good habit to ask questions? that miss geeta tells me that the amount of private talks i don’t do with my husband i have to do it with him one day your loving son asked practical of humane intercors in the biology practical that lovely miss geeta left teaching she sells nuts outside the school now then why do you keep such an uneducated teacher humane intercors is that practical that you performed with your wife and this legend was born And what a production you have given he is less in the school’s classroom and more in the bathroom in every five minutes he feels like peeeing and he doesn’t even goes alone he takes 3 of them with him what’s your problem? aren’t you able to hold in your own that you need 6 hands the school’s tank doesn’t even have that much water that he has in his d$%^ then one day i was in a doubt so i went behind him so there were some voices of a girl from the bathroom Help! Help! get to the safe zone! so I went inside and saw all 4 kids were sitting on the commode making a squad playing pubg and as they said me, they said enemies ahead and ran away from the window they spend 4-4 hours in the toilet that principal s^$* in his pants that day from tomorrow your mobile will be closed sorry papa one day I asked in the class what’s on 15th august so he said sacred games season 2 is coming! I said I will tell this to principal so he said even principal can’t do anything to me, because we are above him you are above principal? then you only must be paying me? no sir sorry sir aye what sorry? look at his answer sheet there was a question in it? state the profit and loss of Mars, your son wrote you go to mars or sunny the profit is always of the fuel seller what? dad that, oil we pour in the temple on Saturday wow such a great devotee my son is yeah we can see whom he devotes one day it was raining I told him to install gola-kuber on my phone so he installed something named Make Taxi as I climbed up the taxi, 2 girls climbed up on me Anyhow protecting myself I reached home my wife saw lipstick marks on my shirt then my wife gave me Rko, choke slam and superman punch even today, if i recollect that i get goosebumps it’s enough now, i can’t bare it anymore then why don’t you divorce your wife I was talking about your son! we will have to remove him from the school, let’s go to principal no sir for such a small thing why are you removing out of the school? I will talk to your wife that he did that make taxi joke Isn’t that your wife, that math teacher? NO but I have seen you hanging out with her a lot of time what? come on let’s go to your wife first and then to the principal aye let it be son, you are such an capable student who will remove you? i was just kidding No No sir I play a lot of pubg so what’s so great about it everyone plays it from tomorrow even I will play with you sitting on the commode and that biology practical? general knowledge is a very good thing tomorrow i will on my own open my pants and sit in front of you you can see whatever you want using the 8X scope but now go from here and what about that ganga? who ganga, i don’t know any ganga, bunty, ghanti aye Ramu take them away aye let’s go! let’s go let’s go so hey guys if you liked the video, give it a like and if you are new subscribe the channel and even you want to shop on the Vmall, everyday at 1 pm then download the Vmate app, the link is in the description and I will meet you again in a new video with a new topic till then bye! (outro music)

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