1. !skin

    also don't think that your videos is shit, there's tons of people thanking you right now without you even realizing (especially about mapping, which there's so hard to master because there's too many mapper who's giving his suggestion without giving real answer)

  2. any chance of either (a) streaming yourself mapping an entire song or (b) recording, cutting/speeding up, and uploading a video of it? would love to see a beatmap being created from start to finish – I know spaghetti and smoothie world have done stuff like that but it'd be cool to see something a little more in depth maybe uwu

  3. I want to know how to use timing points most effectively such as when should I change slider velocity. I also want to know how to set up timing points for pop songs ,that have varying bpms, faster. I know I should try other songs that don't have more than one bpm as the first map but I think I should approach it for a later time. Sorry that my grammar is shit I was typing this 4AM in the morning.

  4. I enjoy watching these vids
    Even tho I don't play osu, but obviously I found you on the pishizor channel…so…will there be one last upload on there…?

  5. Pishifat, could you explain blankets, importance of blankets, how to make them perfectly, and when blankets are a nono. I know most of that but I got tired teaching new mappers about blanketing every time ;D

  6. I am so happy that someone is trying to explain aesthetic! It is something that I struggle with in my mapping. Have you ever felt, when you started mapping, that you were stuck behind some kind of invisible barrier forcing you to have a perfect pattern and symmetry? I absolutely love your video btw

  7. So you said "If the song doesn't change, why should an aspect of the map change so drastically" But it is so hard tell when something is starting to get boring or monotonous and when something is overdone because it changes to fast.
    Sometimes when I map a section, I think: "This could be too boring and monotonous." Then I look at it again after its done and think of the opposite.

  8. phishi smells like fish. One day he came up to me and said "smell me later" so i waited about an hour and smelled him only to find out he smelled like phish.. this whole time i thought he smelled like fat… LIAR!

    jkjk love you

    no homo

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  9. Do you normally play in that way? I mean the natural circular movements. Ive seen it on every video that you post. Is it just for emphasizing?

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