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Here at Healthy Eye Care Fit Optical, we’re a one stop shop for all your optical needs. We’re dedicated to providing the highest level of quality that we can. Everybody’s eye issue is extremely unique. We spend time with you. We discuss your needs in your life. Exactly the kind of glasses that you’ll need in order to facilitate a better lifestyle for you, and be able to give you the right lenses for those things. Especially digital quality lenses, which are not very common in big-box stores, but are the minimum standard here. Healthy Eye Care Fit Optical is precise, tailored vision. When you enter Healthy Eye Care Fit Optical, you’ll be greeted warmly. We always offer tea or any kind of beverage that you need. Your patient documentation is done through an online portal, and we have a green, eco-friendly practice. In the pre-testing room we have our corneal mapper, which is our minimum standard for corneal analysis on every single patient. And we also have a digital lensmeter, which checks the prescription of your old glasses. So we do encourage you to bring those in when you can, to evaluate not only your prescription but also eye alignment, near testing, computer vision testing and everything in between. As far as our disease analysis goes, we don’t use an air puff pressure test for pressure analysis. We do the gold standard for pressure testing which is Goldman Applanation Tonometry, after which we do take pictures of your eye to analyze dry eye symptoms. We offer a wide variety of lenses here, from low budgets to high. Fit optical has a very dedicated staff of professionals that will adjust your frames as necessary. We will replace nose pads whenever you need to. We have a huge variety of pediatric frames, so that their personalities can shine in their first pair of glasses. We’re able to guarantee that if these lenses get scratched or they break, that they’re replaced complimentary. Early development of vision occurs from birth to age six. This time is extremely critical to catch visual problems because they can typically only be rectified once we catch it in that time period. We provide a very relaxing environment for contact lens training in a private, secluded area so that you may learn how to put on your contact lenses in peace. We offer care credit financing. We also take HSA accounts and several vision insurances. Feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to becoming your family eye care provider of choice.


  1. Dr. Lasee at Healthy Eye Care is so welcoming and really makes the experience of getting an eye exam pleasant. I also love the high quality lenses and great selection of frames from designer brands that are so beautifully displayed at Fit Optical. Thank you Dr. Lasee!

  2. My wife Libby already has her new everyday glasses and the specific for computer glasses from Healthy Eye Care Fit Optical and loves them. The view of a computer screen can create quite a strain and I observe Libby no longer being so drained and rubbing her eyes at the end of a long day in the office. I went with her to the exam and love the integrated high tech office and think the world of Dr. Lasee. My turn next!

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