Optical illusion may improve your eyesight – #FOTD348

[Narrator] – Fact of the Day – Hello, hi, and welcome
to Fact of the Day with me, Mark Lotsu. Optical illusion may
improve your eyesight. Imagine looking at an optical
illusion for 30 seconds and then seeing an
improvement in your eyesight. You don’t need to imagine, it’s here. So, it’s an optical illusion that moves and as it moves, it
looks like its expanding, getting bigger and bigger, bigger. These circles, these spirals. And it means that people
will be able to read more of those lines, you know those classic log M-A-R, LogMAR eye charts. You’ll be able to read more
and more of those lines. And the bonus is, the worse your vision, the better it will improve
using this process. So this is from Dr. Rob Jenkins and Dr. Rob and his team have shown that your visual acuity, your
ability to see fine detail, can be improved by an illusion called the expanding motion after-effect. Pretty cool name. And by doing this, you’ll
be able to read letters that are too small for
you normally to read. So teams have shown that
how we see is not only due to the shape and
condition of our eyes, but actual processes within our brain. Chemical processes
taking place in our brain determine how well we see things. So you look at the eye chart, you look at the spinning
circles for 30 seconds, then you look back at the eye chart. Everything is clearer and
you can see another line, where you were like, oh, I
don’t know what that says. Yeah, I know what it says now cuz I’ve just looked at
the spinning circles. It’s in the motion of the circles, makes objects appear larger
than they actually are. And if the same object is
coming into the same eye then your brain can do things,
can actually do things, to make that object bigger and clearer so you can actually see it. Like I said before, the
worse your vision is the better the effect will be. Now, the only down side
is the effect only lasts for about 30 seconds after you’ve looked at the spinning
circles for 30 seconds. But this is a step in the right direction in terms of understanding how the brain processes information
that we get from our eyes. So then, they did an experiment. With some people, the
circles turned clockwise and after looking at the
circles, and they looked back at the eye chart, the
letters appeared bigger and they could see another line. And for others, the circles
turned anti-clockwise, and then when they
looked at the eye chart, the letters appeared
smaller and they had to go up a line to be able to
see the bigger letters at the same font size as normal. So the harder you find it is
for you to see small print, the easier it will be for you to be able to see the small print using this process. I’ll put a link in the
description so you can go and look at his optical
illusions yourselves. Fact is, optical illusion
may improve eyesight. Thanks for watching. Love you, bye. Love
you, bye. Love you, bye. (bright upbeat music)

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